Why You Need Sleep Support

Sleep is a vital function to the body as it protects your mental and physical health and improves your quality of life. While you sleep, your body repairs damaged muscles and tissues, promotes cell growth, processes memories and information in the brain, and releases various hormones that regulate physiological functions.

    The Pure Sleep Support Difference

    Providing supplement solutions for sleep, PureThera Pro formulations promote a vital function to the body. Promoting optimal levels of sleep has a profound effect on hormone balance, relaxed mood and healthy energy production.

    Pure TheraPro supplements do not contain any fillers like rice flour, corn starch, or fibers like cellulose and our manufacturing facility adheres to strict NSF/cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines. We chose to sweeten our products with a patented version of monk fruit. In addition to avoiding unwanted digestive issues and allergic responses common with other sweeteners, monk fruit provides additional health benefits.


    Our Sleep Solutions Support:

    • healthy hormone balance
    • a relaxed mood
    • the creation of healthy neurotransmitter levels
    • optimal energy production
    • healthy muscle function

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