The Health Benefits of Arabinogalactan

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Arabinogalactan is a plant compound that is found in the leaves and roots of many plants but is most commonly found in larch trees native to North America. You’ve likely ingested arabinogalactan without even knowing it since it is in many medicinal herbs, such as echinacea, turmeric and angelica. Arabinogalactan has multiple health benefits, from helping to support immune function, preventing infections and diseases and improving gut health.


Arabinogalactan naturally stimulates the body’s immune system to help fight invaders such as viruses and bacteria that enter the body. Used for centuries in traditional medicine, arabinogalactan has even shown improvements in combating allergies. 


Research shows that arabinogalactan interacts with M-cells. M-cells are the communication experts residing in the lymphoid tissue and mediate the digestive tract’s immune function. Studies show that arabinogalactan activates these M-cells, which creates a domino effect, initiating T-cells and other immune system fighters throughout the body. 


Recurring ear infections can improve with arabinogalactan by strengthening immune function. Studies have shown that arabinogalactan can decrease the frequency as well as severity of ear infections in children. It is believed that arabinogalactan stimulates phagocytosis and destroys bacterial colonies.  



Arabinogalactan may help protect you from the common cold, as research has demonstrated it reduces common cold infection by 23%. It is speculated that by stimulating the immune system via the gut, arabinogalactan protects your system from these common viruses.


Arabinogalactan may play a role in preventing liver cancer by ramping up immune function and blocking cancer cells from metastasizing in the liver. This research is based on several animal studies showing arabinogalactan’s reduction of tumor cell colonization. Arabinogalactan also increased length of survival in these animal studies.


Arabinogalactan is most well known for its ability to promote gut health. It’s an excellent source of fiber and has prebiotic properties, serving as food for good bacteria and helping to develop a strong microbiome. 

Arabinogalactan is slowly fermented by bacteria in the colon. Being difficult to digest, this fermentation process attracts good bacteria and creates essential short-chain fatty acids that further promote gut health.

Butyrate and proprionate are two short chain fatty acids instrumental in fighting cancer causing agents and protecting the lining of the intestinal wall. They attract bifidobacteria and lactobacillus, two friendly gut bacteria that help promote gut health. Bifidobacterium longum also feeds and ferments off arabinogalactan and helps sustain a healthy microbiome. 

A study on effective ways to manage H. pylori infection also shows that arabinogalactan may block H. pylori from attaching to stomach walls and therefore, preventing infection, inflammation and stomach ulcers. H. pylori prevalence ranges between 85% and 95% in developing countries and between 30 and 50% in developed countries and is thought to be a precursor to certain cancers and other serious illnesses. 

Arabinogalactan can also help improve Leaky Gut Syndrome by tightening the cellular junctions common with leaky gut by regulating intestinal permeability and reducing immune response to undigested particles that leak through the intestinal wall. In turn, arabinogalactan lowers systemic inflammation and the propensity of developing autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses. 

Is arabinogalactan safe? The answer is yes, Arabinogalactan is FDA-approved and has an excellent safety profile. 


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