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When was the last time you lost your keys? Sunglasses? How about wandered into a room and forgotten why you ventured there? Maybe you’ve even found yourself driving somewhere and completely lost all sense of direction. As we age, we might forget dates, names, where we put this or that, what happened last Tuesday—the list goes on.

Once we reach 40, our brain is on the downswing, with a decline in cerebral blood flow and cognitive function. We start to notice it’s more difficult to learn new things and much easier to forget them. Recalling new information from reading it (visual learning), for example, becomes more challenging after age 40—so don’t feel bad. It’s normal.

Memory, reasoning and comprehension skills all fall under “cognitive function.” Unfortunately, for the middle-aged, a decline in cognitive function due to age is well-documented by a 1997 study of 7,000 civil servants over a ten-year period. The researchers found that workers aged 45 to 49 experienced a 3.6 per cent decline in cognitive function during that decade.

So, is there a solution? A way to slow the progression of cognitive decline? There just might be. . .

Nootropic substances are supplements that enhance memory and cognitive function. Our intestinal tract breaks down citicoline into uridine and choline. These molecules then cross the blood-brain barrier and reunite as citicoline, with the ability to strengthen brain tissue and neurological pathways.

You can increase natural citicoline levels by eating foods such as eggs, beef liver and cruciferous vegetables. To significantly improve brain function, however, supplementation is necessary. Citicoline provides the brain with the materials required to create new cells and improve mental performance. Here’s the evidence:


A 2012 placebo-controlled study published in Food and Nutrition Sciences demonstrated the effects of citicoline supplementation in 60 women aged 40-60, given 250 mg citicoline, 500 mg citicoline or placebo over 28 days. Results showed that both citicoline groups performed better on cognitive tasks than the placebo group. In addition, the 500 mg group made significantly fewer cognitive errors than the 250 mg group. This is just one of many studies, showing that healthy individuals with mild cognitive impairment benefit from citicoline supplementation--improving memory, attention and focus.  We all could use a bit of help in this department, right?


With Americans experiencing a stroke every 40 seconds, citicoline supplementation has also been studied in people with traumatic brain injuries. A company out of Spain called Ferrer created oral citicoline, Xerenoos® , over 50 years ago, which is backed by nearly 100 clinical trials, including its use in brain tissue regeneration after stroke. In fact, most studies on the benefits of citicoline are specific to Xerenoos®  supplemention. In stroke as well as a wide range of brain impairment studies, Xerenoos®  helped the brain to regenerate and promote tissue healing as well as limit brain damage if given within 12 hours of the event.


Citicoline research also sheds light on its benefits in people with dementia. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease have a decline in choline levels, which is a component of citicoline. Their brains can’t produce acetyl-choline, a neurotransmitter responsible for memory. Supplementation with citicoline can increase the amount of choline available for acetylcholine synthesis.  

A 1986 study (Lozano et al) of 2067 patients with neuropsychiatric issues given citicoline supplementation over a two-month period demonstrated a 71% reduction in memory deficits.


Cerebral insufficiency is a blockage of one or more arteries that supply blood to the brain. A study (Eberhardt and Schurmann) of 89 patients looked at citicoline supplementation effects on cerebral insufficiency. This double-blind, placebo- controlled crossover study showed significant memory improvements with citicoline.


A study of 75 healthy adolescent males without formal ADHD diagnosis but demonstrating attention-deficit behaviors were given citicoline for 28 days and showed the following improvement gains compared to placebo: Citicoline supplementation demonstrated improvement in attention, increased energy to the brain, greater propensity to formulate new brain cells and a reduction in ADHD impulsiveness.

If you’re wondering about Xerenoos® ’ mechanism of action—it works by improving brain function by providing increased blood circulation and boosting the brain’s energy metabolism.  Citicoline helps raise neurotransmitter levels, increase mental energy and protect the brain from damage and aging. The results demonstrate it positively affects memory issues, both short and long-term.

The bottom line is this—if your goal is to optimize your brain, consider supplementing with citicoline. With hundreds of studies to back up its efficacy, it has also proven to be safe, well-tolerated and predictable.

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