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GMOs or Genetically modified organisms are living things that have been artificially altered and manipulated in a lab through a process known as genetic engineering to create a product that does not exist in this form in nature. Genetic engineering does exactly what its name states—it alters the genetic makeup of a living organism, whether it be a plant, bacteria or animal.

Although the leading corporations and pharmaceutical companies that create GMOs and benefit from their positive outcomes claim their products are safe to consume and are backed by the World Health Organization and American Medical Association, many experts are still skeptical regarding not only GMO foods’ nutritional benefits but if they may cause long-term health effects. Skeptics such as the Environmental Working Group, state that the technology is too new, and that long-term studies on the ramifications of GMOs on our health and planet have not yet been established to make such safety claims.

The truth is that genetically modified foods may have health consequences that are currently unknown, and we are the participants in this experiment. Some studies have shown they are not safe to consume and should be avoided at all possible costs. Avoiding GMOs takes much work these days, as they are everywhere—lurking in processed foods due to corn starch and soybean oil content, and even in our meat, being that livestock are fed GMO soy and grains. In America, it is almost guaranteed that crops of corn, soy and sugar beets are GMO unless they otherwise specify. Even then, they might be contaminated.

One issue with GMO crops is that they have been created to tolerate herbicides and pesticides, such as Roundup, which has been proven to be carcinogenic in humans. Since the emergence of GMOs, the use of Roundup has increased fifteenfold.

GMOs have also created a surge in superbugs and superweeds that can’t be killed with common herbicides and pesticides, requiring additional chemicals and toxic poisons to manage them. It appears the more humans intervene with nature, the more nature pushes back, requiring further chemical and mechanical intervention that results in more threats to our health and environment. The sad consequence to our environment is that once these unnatural, laboratory-created organisms are released into nature, they can never be recalled. Their impact on other plants, animals or even down to the natural microbiota of the earth, insects and everything in contact with GMOs is unknown.

GMO crops also destroy genetic diversity. This affects plants’ ability to thrive when faced with naturally-occurring threats, such as drought, fungus and insects. This impacts not only the consumer but also farmers as well as the environment.

It is hypothesized that our guts may sustain damage from eating GMO foods. These genetically modified organisms contain insect-killing proteins. Their method of action is that they attack insects’ guts like a machine gun. Since GMOs introduction into our food industry, many people have complained of a variety of gut-related and systemic issues, such as food allergies, gluten intolerance, Leaky Gut Syndrome, IBS, Crohn's Disease and a startling increase in autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases affect approximately 8% of the population (23.5 million Americans) and the numbers are rising.

Since weeds are manifesting into superweeds, they require more and more herbicides to temper their crop growth. This results in more glyphosate absorbed by our food, soil and running off into our water supply. Interestingly, glyphosate strategically destroys the beneficial bacteria in our gut that are responsible for multiple functions. Our microbiome assists with maximizing our immune system, digestion, hormone balance, brain chemistry, detoxification processes and much more. Glyphosate doesn’t target E.coli and other harmful organisms in our systems, which causes an imbalance of harmful bacterial overgrowth and devastating ramifications to our protective microbiota. Most of our immune system is regulated via our digestive tract, and it’s also important to note that over 70% of serotonin production is created in our gut. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that impacts our mood and sense of well-being, sleep, nervous system and brain chemistry.

The pesticides utilized with GMO crops may result in disease-creating effects on the body due to glyphosates interference with an enzyme pathway instrumental in detoxification, known as the Cytochrome P450 (CYP). Glyphosate blocks this pathway, resulting in greater oxidative stress and toxic overload which can be the precursors of disease.

Toxic overload impacts multiple systems, being that our gut is the gateway to overall health. Without balance within our digestive tract, toxins can cause dysregulation via the gut brain axis and result in brain inflammation and neurological damage. In fact, glyphosate is linked to autism, according to research. Systemically, glyphosate and GMO foods have also increased the rate of allergies, evident since the introduction of GMO soybean, increasing allergies by 50% in the United States and UK.

Animal studies have shown that animals fed GMOs developed stomach lesions and bowel cancers as well as nutrient deficiencies as a result of damage to the digestive tract and Leaky Gut Syndrome causing nutrient absorption issues.

AAEM physician Amy Dean, a board-certified internal medicine specialist, says: "GMOs have been shown to adversely affect the digestive and immune systems of animals in laboratory settings. Lyme and autism, on the rise in the US, are also associated with digestive and immune system dysfunction.”


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