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Have you heard of Quercetin? You’ve likely ingested it multiple times this week without even realizing it. Quercetin is a flavonoid or plant compound that is in fruits, wine, vegetables, teas and has naturally strong antioxidant properties. It is believed that quercetin is one of the mightiest of the flavonoids, containing natural superpowers that are anti-inflammatory and protect us from various disease states. Here are some of quercetin’s benefits:



Fights Inflammation and Allergies

Quercetin helps quell inflammation and quiet the immune response, which is why it may help with allergies. 

Those triggered by allergens such as animal dander, dust, even peanuts may find relief with quercetin since it inhibits the release of histamine.  Histamine, which is part of your immune system, is the root cause of your itching eyes and skin, wheezing, runny nose and other allergy-type symptoms. Quercetin is a natural antihistamine. 

Even food allergies can be reversed with quercetin, according to research. Peanut allergies, which are the major leading cause of anaphylactic food reaction, may be potent enough to suppress Immunoglobulin E responses against peanut proteins and can be utilized as an alternative to conventional treatment in managing food allergies. 



May Help Cognition

We all know that coffee perks us up, makes us feel more alert and aware. You might experience a quickened pace after a cup of Joe and feel more focused on a task. That’s caffeine, right? Coffee also has been shown to have some neuroprotective qualities that have been tagged as a caffeine benefit. 

Studies are indicating, however, that it might be quercetin that’s the major neuroprotective component in coffee, helping to prevent Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease

Quercetin has been shown to help with cognitive function, as well, improving learning and memory and reducing cerebral mitochondrial dysfunction. These results were physically evident in the reduction of senile plaques in the brain as well as increased mitochondrial membrane potential and elevated ATP levels, which also reduced the cellular waste product, reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, according to research. 



Contains Cancer Fighting Properties 

Quercetin’s antioxidant properties may help fight certain cancers, according to  studies. Quercetin has shown cancer-killing properties by destroying cancer cells without being toxic to normal, healthy cells. Its strategic targeting has piqued the interest of many researchers as an important therapeutic in managing a multitude of cancers. These cancers include breast, colon, prostate, lymphoid, bladder, liver, lung and others. 

Despite these potential benefits, there is a downfall--quercetin is not extremely bioavailable. It is believed that only 20%  is absorbed and utilized by the body. 

Quercefit®, however, a patented form of quercetin, is more bioavailable than unformulated quercetin. Its enhanced absorption and solubility, which is 20 times that of regular quercetin, also means that lower dosages may be utilized without losing efficacy and with no undesirable side effects. 

Our Zinc Defense is launching soon, and will include zinc, copper and Quercefit® in one capsule, providing you with the nutrients necessary to build a strong immune system. 

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