This Vegetable Kills Gut Bacteria

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Approximately 50% of people over the age of 50 in the United States have H. pylori. H. pylori could possibly be the root cause of your heartburn, but it also has more serious consequences. This bacteria, which thrives along the lining of your stomach, is a menacing spirochete. It cork-screws into your gut lining and is able to withstand abrasive stomach acid. H. pylori is linked to stomach cancer. Antibiotics are frequently used to eradicate it, however, they don’t always work.

Enter broccoli. Plant constituents in broccoli and broccoli sprouts are known to kill helicobacter pylori, according to research from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. 



Glucoraphanin, the precursor of sulforaphane, combined with myrosinase, yields a greater amount of sulforaphane. Sulforaphane effectively kills H. pylori, even strains resistant to antibiotics. 

Glucoraphanin is rich in broccoli and broccoli sprouts. Myrosinase is also found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables and is responsible for that sharp, mustardy flavor. It is prominent in radishes. When cruciferous vegetables are chewed, they release these powerful plant medicines. Myrosinase is also released by certain good bacteria in our lower intestine. Sulforaphane, the end result, protects our systems from oxidative stress and inflammation which could potentially cause serious diseases, such as cancer. 

Issues that arise with antibiotic treatment of H. pylori include bacterial resistance. H. pylori is evasive and can hide inside cells along the walls of the stomach, impenetrable by western medicine. What is unique about sulforaphane is its ability to penetrate cells and eradicate infections both inside and outside of stomach mucosal cells!

Even eating just one dose of broccoli sprouts daily showed a 40% reduction in HpSA, which is a highly specific biomarker for the presence of H. pylori tested through stool sampling. In addition, studies showed HpSA increased in those with H. pylori who stopped eating broccoli sprouts for eight weeks. 

Regular, consistent consumption of foods high in sulforaphane production may help manage gastric issues, such as H. pylori infection, gastritis, heartburn and possibly stomach cancer prevention, according to Jed Fahey, lead researcher from the Johns Hopkins studies on sulforaphane. 



According to Fahey, broccoli sprouts have much higher concentrations of sulforaphane producing potential compared to mature heads of broccoli. Sulforaphane creates a chain reaction with the help of enzymes in the Nrf2 pathway that protect the body from free radicals, promote detoxification and as a result, reduce systemic inflammation.


Our OncoProtect ES consists of broccoli seed extract (glucoraphanin) and radish seed extract (myrosinase) to provide you with the highest potential yield of sulforaphane.

According to Johns Hopkins University research, the combination of both glucroaphanin and myrosinase produces, on average, 35% conversion to sulforaphane compared to 10% with single agent glucoraphanin.



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