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 Pure TheraPro Rx has a new, fresh look for Spring 2021 and beyond.

Since 2014, the Pure Thera team has maintained a strong commitment to elevating the standards of the supplement industry. The company was formed out of the realization that the options available almost always included: China-sourced ingredients, fillers, flow agents, sugars, additives, artificial colorings, etc… in addition to questionable formulations.

We asked 2 simple questions: 

  • Why are the majority of supplement companies driven exclusively by greed?
  • Why are there not more supplement companies where the main mission is the health and wellness of their customers?

    The pursuit of answering these questions has led to a continued growth and evolution. Along the way, we’ve learned so much, about the health and wellness industry and more importantly, about YOU - our loyal and valued customers. With that evolution, we are announcing the next generation of our brand and identity: 


    You may have noticed our recent transformation. Pure TheraPro Rx has a new look for spring 2021 and beyond. This new branding is the result of 9+ months of research, analysis, experimentation and iteration. It is the identity that will lead us through the next phase of our mission - to help as many people as possible, and we couldn’t be more excited.


    What’s Changing:

    Simply put - Our Visuals. Meaning our logo, supplement label design, website design, social media presence and overall appearance has been updated. You’ll notice a cleaner, more elevated appearance in all packaging and communication.

    What’s NOT Changing:

    Anything inside the packaging (bottles, boxes, jars). The formulas, ingredients, sourcing, testing and purity are not impacted whatsoever. We are committed to each and every product that leaves our GMP and NSF Certified labs.



    Purity is still and will always be our priority!


    We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new design - what is your reaction? Please leave us a comment on any of our social media channels or email us your thoughts: