The Enema Enigma

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Imagine that you shopped at a farmer’s market and purchased a multitude of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. You come home to unpack them, to find your refrigerator loaded with old, spoiled and rotten food deep in the corners--Tupperware brimming with month-old leftovers, moldy tomatoes, sour pasta and sauce. You can’t put your fresh organic fruits and vegetables in there! Not only is there no room, but you feel your refrigerator must first be cleaned out completely before putting such goodness in there, right? 

We place so much focus on what we put INTO our bodies from nutritious foods, purified water, high quality supplements but little is spent discussing and better understanding what comes OUT of our bodies.



It’s taboo, but the reality is that if you’re not properly eliminating toxins from your system, whatever you put into your body simply won’t work. Malnutrition may occur with systemic inflammation. The microbiome may become imbalanced if detoxification processes aren’t optimal, meaning that food isn’t digesting properly, resulting in poor absorption, digestion and inflammation. Over time, your system becomes that dirty refrigerator that simply can’t accept fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. It’s pointless to even go to the farmer’s market until you take the time to clean it out. 

Colon flushing to remove digestive build up is not a new concept, it’s actually a borrowed one. Although there’s a quiet uprising of colonic studios and cleansing salons popping up suddenly in suburbia, Egyptians practiced colon flushing, even Babylonians and the Ancient Greeks knew and practiced this secret. Health is not just about what you eat, it’s how well you eliminate. 

Your colon has two main jobs--absorb nutrients and remove waste and toxins. With toxic overload common in our society--GMO foods, chemicals in water and the air, xenoestrogens in personal products, cleaning supplies, household ingredients, plastic bottles, pharmaceuticals, etc, these build up along the walls of the colon into a tar-like sludge that slows and impairs the digestive system. 

You might think that daily bowel movements mean your digestive system is working just fine. What your bowels eliminate today, however, is food you likely ate two days ago. Over time, you might have some build up, a traffic jam of sorts that you’re completely unaware of but may present as pesky symptoms. This might be food for thought-- and in your gut, it's more than just food--it’s trapped waste and mucus that might be feeding parasites and bad bacteria and the root cause of mysterious symptoms. Enemas can help flush out these toxins and restore balance. Coupled with a juice cleanse or fast, enemas push dead parasites, toxins, heavy metals, candida and other pathogens out of your system more quickly and help you feel better faster. 


Symptoms of toxic overload may include frequent yeast infections and other infections, aches and pains, digestive issues (IBS ,SIBO), autoimmune disease, hair loss, brittle nails, acne and skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, rosacea), mood swings, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, anemia, malnutrition, brain fog, anxiety and depression, halitosis, body odor, exercise intolerance, frequent headaches and eventually chronic, debilitating disease and illness.  

Enemas are not just about alleviating symptoms of constipation--their benefits literally go deeper than that, according to holistic medicine. Enemas can help remove parasites, toxins, bacteria and debris that is hindering your ability to experience health and wellness. They may help with balancing hormones, restoring the gut microbiome, promoting optimal weight, improving sleep and cognitive function. The benefits are endless.  

Western medicine does not generally support the use of enemas or colonics (deeper colon cleanses) or believe in their benefits. Many believe the body cleanses itself and requires no intervention unless there is a known blockage, such as severe constipation. It is true that the body is self healing and self cleaning, but this is only the case in optimal scenarios and in a perfectly non-toxic world.

When your liver is sluggish due to toxic overload, it impacts your entire digestive tract. When your digestive tract is affected by low stomach acid, a bacterial or parasite infection, candida overgrowth, toxins, leaky gut and other issues, your liver feels these effects, as well. This creates a systemic cascade of symptoms which scream, “help me get rid of this!” Those who have utilized enemas as part of their health protocol claim to experience a lessening in digestive symptoms, better cognitive function and clarity, a glowing complexion, reduction in other symptoms such as fatigue, migraines, insomnia, allergies and more.  

So, how do you jump in and get started? It is best to research the various types of enemas, their benefits and how to administer them at home. There are many different types of enemas for different purposes. For example, lemon juice enemas help to rebalance your pH level. Apple cider vinegar enemas may help clear excessive mucus. Coffee enemas were once prescribed by physicians and were only removed from the Merck Manual in 1972 after many years of use. Organic coffee enemas are useful for liver detoxification as it stimulates the liver and gallbladder to remove environmental toxins.  

Dr. Max Gerson created a coffee enema protocol as part of a holistic cancer treatment based on what he felt to be the root cause of cancer: toxic overload and nutrient deficiency, which stem from the digestive system. He discovered that caffeine and other plant properties in coffee helped to quickly release toxins from the liver and dilate the bile ducts to allow toxins to be expelled and eliminated via the intestinal tract. 

Kahweol and cafestol palmitate in coffee also helped increase the liver’s production of glutathione by up to 700%. Theophylline and theobromine, other chemicals in coffee, help to reduce gut inflammation.  

Does a coffee enema sound too adventurous for you? A basic salt water enema can help clean your colon and maintain electrolyte balance. It’s simply warm (not hot) filtered water and pure sea salt (don’t use synthetic table salt!). Plan to administer the enema after your morning bowel movement and before eating.  The longer you retain the fluid, the deeper the cleanse, but don’t be surprised if you can’t hold it longer than a couple minutes, particularly your first few times. You will still experience the benefits.

Enemas may help you get a handle on toxic overload, which can reduce gut inflammation and resolve malabsorption issues. Once your refrigerator is cleaned out, be sure to stock it at the farmer’s market with organic fruits, vegetables and nutrients that can help restore your nutritional balance. Support your health and wellness with clean and bioavailable supplements that can fill in nutritional gaps and help optimize digestion and elimination. 

Taking a quality probiotic daily can help keep your microbiome strong. The extensively studied HN019 strain of Bifidobacterium lactis in our Power Probiotic Daily is backed by evidence in increasing gut transit time and supporting immune function. 

Replenish glutathione levels lost by the aging process, chronic illness, systemic inflammation, a sluggish digestive tract and liver and chronic stress with our Glutathione GOLD. The s-acetyl form is nearly as potent as IV glutathione in providing you with essential antioxidant protection. 

Instead of guessing, consider testing! Test your vitamin D, B12, ferritin and other vitamin and mineral levels to better understand how you're absorbing nutrients. Test your CRP (C-reactive protein) to check your inflammation levels. Working with a holistic practitioner and/or nutritionist, create a holistic plan for wellness that focuses on both putting into your body all that heals and removing all that is toxic.