Nature's Chelators: Detoxify Heavy Metals Naturally

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Many of us are plagued with heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metals are everywhere-- in our water and air, cookware, dental fillings, medical devices, biologics, pesticides, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, medications, containers. . .literally everywhere. That’s why it’s important to do your research on heavy metals and what you can do to reduce your exposure as well as eliminate the toxins from your system.

These heavy metals imbed in our bodies, throw a wrench in our central nervous systems, endocrine system and accumulate over time in our bones and tissues and create additional damage. Multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, thyroid disease, nervous system disorders and even cancers are thought to be rooted in heavy metal toxicity. 

General symptoms of heavy metal toxicity include digestive issues, neurological symptoms, such as tingling and numbness of extremities, brain fog and poor cognitive function, insomnia, infertility, headaches, tremors, bladder/kidney issues, autoimmune disease and/or recurrent infections, fatigue, mood swings, depression and anxiety, hormonal imbalances, thyroid abnormalities, hair loss, muscle aches and joint pain, skin rashes and more.

Thankfully, nature provides ways to help your body eliminate these toxins and repair itself: Cilantro and chlorella.

Cilantro and chlorella are natural chelators. This means that they bind to heavy metal ions to help scrub them from the body. Although there are pharmaceuticals that are used in Western medicine as chelation therapy, they may come with serious side effects, which cause further stress and damage to the body. Cilantro and chlorella are gentle chelators with no side effects. 



This dynamic chelating duo gets the job done! Cilantro’s role is to gather the toxins. It is the heavy lifter of heavy metals. Chlorella then scrubs the body to remove any residual toxins and help with excretion. The research proves their efficacy. Cilantro and chlorella, when taken together, can remove approximately 87% of lead, 91% of mercury and 74% of aluminum within 5 weeks, according to studies.

In addition, cilantro has anti-inflammatory powers. It is antifungal and antimicrobial. Chlorella, which is a green algae, is also packed with antioxidants. It can protect the body from more than just heavy metals. Studies have shown that chlorella can chelate dioxin, a harmful hormone disruptor, carcinogen and has been linked to neurological disorders and birth defects. Dioxins are environmental pollutants that are not broken down easily and can accumulate in the body and cause serious harm. Research demonstrates that chlorella reduced dioxin concentrations from breast milk. 

But there's more. . .A research team of U.S. and Mexican scientists studied the effects of filtering polluted water in the Tule Valley near Mexico City and found that cilantro was a powerful natural bio-absorbent, meaning that it could be used to absorb toxins from the water to filter out impurities. 

Since cilantro has tiny cells that make up the outer wall of the plant, it easily captures heavy metals and other impurities. Other herbs, such as parsley and dandelion have the same capabilities, making them potent members of the detoxification arsenal. 

The research team found that water passed through the cilantro, which collected impurities, leaving cleaner drinking water. Just one handful of cilantro was able to filter a pitcher of water of harmful lead!

Cilantro has also been shown to increase HDL (good cholesterol levels), reduce nausea, improve liver function and regulate hormones, so grab a handful and throw it in your smoothies! Chop it up and sprinkle generously on your tacos. The benefits of cilantro go on and on. 


Other herbs, vitamins and minerals can also help detoxify the body and repair damage caused by heavy metal toxicity. Turmeric, for example, possesses anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It protects the brain from aluminum toxicity.


Our Nrf2 Boost contains turmeric extract and other ingredients that help open detox pathways, reduce inflammation and increase antioxidant support. 

Malic acid also helps remove aluminum from the brain, so consider supplementing with magnesium malate, such as our Optimum Magnesium. This form of magnesium is gentle on the stomach (won’t cause loose stools, digestive upset) and is highly bioavailable.




According to research, malic acid easily crosses the blood brain barrier and binds to aluminum, allowing the body to flush it from the system through urine.  Malic acid is also found in fruits, such as apples. 

Nature provides us with the tools necessary to support our health and wellness. The more you know, the easier it is to take charge of your health. 


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