My Little Happy Meal Turns Four

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Another Birthday

I couldn’t help myself. I took another birthday picture of my little Happy Meal. He turns four on March 3. Lots has changed in four years, even if my Happy Meal has not. When the little guy was only one, his year old birthday photo and blog caused quite a stir on the Internet. The satirical blog,

“Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal” went viral in just a few days.

Organic Happy Meals?

There’s a new twist this year in the fast food debate. Meaghan Byerly is petitioning McDonalds to include organic food options in their menu. This has gone around on FaceBook as if this is a great idea. Poor Meaghan and others are living in the Land of Denial. Anyone who thinks a couple of organic food items are going to make a difference in the health of people who regularly eat junk food are just fooling themselves. McD’s food is high in fat, sugar and salt. No mater what oil you start with (organic or not), the process of frying food at high temperatures turns it into a trans fat. Adding organic lettuce to a McD’s hamburger will not magically change the low-grade beef they use or the chemicals and sugars in the Big Mac sauce, ketchup and bun.

Pink Slime Out:

McDonalds uses 100% beef in their hamburgers and has promised that it no longer uses “pink slime.” While pink slime is 100% beef, it consists of what’s left over from slaughter and is banned for human consumption in other countries, where it’s used for dog food. Okay, so pink slime is now out, but don’t think for a minute you are eating quality beef. Most likely your fast-food hamburger came from a corn-fed, worn-out dairy cow who was given lots of hormones, antibiotics and steroids. McD’s will never offer organic meat in their hamburgers. It just costs too much.

All Things in Moderation:

In the Land of Denial “reason” goes out the window and average becomes moderate. Defining “moderation” in our diets is difficult. Both “average” and “reasonable” are definitions for moderate. Is purchasing fast food three times a week moderate or average? It is moderate only if you average the number of times parents purchase fast foods for their kids. How much sugar would be moderate or reasonable in a kid’s diet?

The average amount of sugar a child eats in a week is 2½ pounds. How many French fries would be moderate? Twenty-two percent of our potato crop ends up fried. A toddler’s first finger food is a French fry. Trans fat has a half-life of 51 days. That means it takes almost two months for your body to totally rid itself of the trans fat in the fries you ate. Would that mean French fries purchased once a month or more often for it to be moderate?

Artificial colorings and flavorings are derived from petroleum. Ingesting exactly how much petroleum would you consider moderate? Junk food is just that...JUNK. Stay away from fast food establishments and give your kids foods that will nourish their bodies. Forget trying to get McDs or any other junk food restaurant to serve anything relating to “organic.” You’d only be fooling yourself.


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