Be Chill With These Vegan Protein Pops

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With the weather turning warmer, you may be seeking snacks that are light and nutrient-dense but don't sit heavy on your stomach. You may also be craving something sweet but not wanting all the sugar and processed junk. 

Here's a little "Snack-Hack" to fill your summer with some chill sweetness, whether you're poolside or looking for a satisfying dessert after dinner--Vegan Protein Pops! It's made with our Intesticleanse chocolate vegan protein meal replacement, which is comprised of non GMO pea protein as well as chock full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals to help support your health. 

What's great about these Vegan Protein Pops is that our Intesticleanse contains NO SUGAR! It's sweetened with monk fruit, which provides additional anti-inflammatory benefits. 

I must confess that making these was a simple science project one evening when I was craving my all-time favorite childhood summer snack, a Fudgesicle, but wanted a healthier option. We recently improved the flavor profile of our Chocolate Intesticleanse, and I wanted to try it out by adding a flare of creativity that would also satisfy my need for a new fun summer snack. 

I'm surprised at how great these Popsicles tasted, and with a bit of tweaking, I was able to add more creaminess to the texture while still keeping the recipe vegan. 

Here's how to make a Vegan Protein Pop:

The ingredients you will need are. . .

1-2 scoops of Intesticleanse (chocolate or vanilla)

About 6 organic strawberries

1 banana

1/2-3/4 cup of your favorite vegan milk

1/4-1/2 cup coconut cream (this adds more creaminess to the texture)


You will also need. . .

A blender or Nutribullet

A Popsicle ice mold maker kit 


Combine all ingredients in your blender or Nutribullet


Pour into Popsicle mold and freeze

It's that easy!

You can get creative with the fruit you add--I'm thinking blueberries would be amazing! The bananas provide additional creaminess, so I would keep them in every recipe due to the texture.  


Our Intesticleanse comes in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. This formula utilizes Pure TheraPro Rx's proprietary pea protein blend; Aminogen® to facilitate protein absorption; phytonutrients; mineral amino acid chelates; and activated B vitamins: Quatrefolic® and methylcobalamin.

When consumed with a modified elimination diet, IntestiCleanse offers exceptional support to the liver and kidneys’ natural capacity to eliminate toxins and provide optimal nutrients for overall GI health.