Artichokes For Wellness and Weight Loss!

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Did you know that artichokes are actually a flower? They are close cousins to milk thistle, which is a well known medicinal plant that helps support the liver. It’s no surprise, then, that artichokes play an important role in helping to keep our livers working optimally. 

Artichokes are queens of detoxification and have been utilized to support gut and liver health for centuries. Rich in certain vitamins and minerals such as folate, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium and iron, artichokes are also high in fiber, helping to keep your bowels clean. 

Artichoke extract contains higher concentrations of the plant and has been utilized in clinical studies to show its benefits for digestive and liver health. 

Animal studies have demonstrated artichoke extract’s ability to increase bile production, which may be helpful in removing toxins from the body. 



Benefits of artichoke extract were also seen in humans with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. In a study of nearly 100 people, those who consumed 600 mg of artichoke extract daily had improved liver function after two months. 

The antioxidants in artichokes, cynarin and silymarin, are thought to positively  impact the liver, but the plant phenols and natural enzymes also serve a purpose, working synergistically to eliminate toxins and protect the liver. 

Aside from fiber, artichokes also help support digestive health. Being high in inulin, this unique type of fiber serves as a prebiotic to improve digestion and promote a diverse and healthy microflora. 

Eating artichokes or taking artichoke extract as a supplement may help with gas, bloating and other digestive upset. In a study of nearly 250 participants with indigestion, six weeks of artichoke extract supplementation reduced these symptoms compared to the control group. 

Artichoke extract may also help with weight loss and lipid levels! Although the research was animal-based, it pointed to benefits of artichoke supplementation in addition to a statin (Atorvastatin) when eating a high fat diet and standard diet. In both arms of the study, the artichoke groups had significant weight loss compared to the rats not taking artichoke extract. The artichoke-supplemented rats also had a 56% reduction in lipase pancreatic activity and were able to maintain their cholesterol levels. Liver enzymes, a biomarker of liver damage, was higher in the group not taking artichoke extract. 



In a human double-blind, placebo-controlled study of patients with a BMI between 26-33 and high blood pressure, the group receiving artichoke extract over the 8 weeks of the study showed a significant reduction in weight and BMI but not blood pressure. The weight loss was attributed to the inulin, as increased fiber may help improve digestion and lose weight. 

Along with diet and lifestyle changes, adding artichoke extract to your supplement regimen may help support your liver health, detoxification processes and improve digestion and metabolic function. 


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