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What’s Left to Eat?

“What’s left to eat?” is the usual cry from someone who is changing their diet from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to whole foods. It’s a fair question. After all, 90 percent of the food consumed in the US is processed. When you become aware of the food you are consuming, it can seem insurmountable, […]

Milk Hype

Is Milk the PMS Solution? Milk helps reduce symptoms of PMS is the recent claim of milk providers. This is very typical of MOST advertising. They take some obscure nutritional data and make a federal case out of it. The entire milk reduces PMS advertising campaign was based on a study found in the Archives […]

Exciting Food Shopping

Farmers’ Markets ‘Round the World Make for Great Bargains Supermarkets are the preferred venue for everyday shopping, although big grocery stores are sterile. Boxes, bags and bottles of processed food abound. The fresh food is found on the parameters of the store. Everything else is processed. This is the time of year that farmers’ markets […]

Easy Everyday Flatbread Recipes

This summer I was missing homemade bread, because I wasn’t willing to turn my oven on. I decided to try the flatbread recipes I normally make (pizza and Focaccia bread) on a grill. Che bello! They came out beautifully. After all, before modern ovens, people made flatbreads on an open fire. (For more on flatbreads […]

Fantastic Flatbreads

Flatbreads are one of the oldest known foods. Various flatbreads have fed every generation, probably beginning with Adam and Eve. Flatbreads start with whole grains, ground to flour, mixed with water and sometimes a little olive oil and yeast.  They’re often baked over an open fire. Most cultures have a version of flatbread. The Greeks […]

Do You Support a Sin Tax on Junk Foods?

According to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey most Americans do NOT. They found that 56 percent oppose sin taxes on sodas and junk food. Twelve percent are undecided. A sin tax is taxing soda and other sugar-laden products sabotaging the health of many Americans. Here’s what President Obama said concerning sin taxes on […]

Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

Last week, I spent a few days in Redondo Beach visiting my three grandchildren and my daughter, Julie-ann. Three PM Sunday Julie-ann dropped me off at the LA Airport for the flight home. On my way to the gate, I stopped in the bookstore and purchased In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I figured […]

Affordable Healthy Baby Food

It’s never too early to begin a baby’s journey to healthy eating. By introducing and then continually offering your baby whole foods, you’ll steer clear of many of the common pitfalls often made by parents. In addition, when the Baby Bite steps with multi-sensory learning are incorporated from the beginning of your baby’s eating experience, picky eating will never become a problem. It […]

A Day Without Processed Food

Eat Whole Foods A typical grocery store stocks 40,000 items. Ninety percent of food dollars is spent on processed food. We are used to opening a can or a box or a bag for most of our meals. When I mention the idea of eating only real food (food that has been minimally processed), many can’t […]

Kid Food

Kid Foods Are Fake Foods Kid food looks and tastes like food; offering little or absolutely no nutrition whatsoever. Real food is a substance eaten for nourishment. You can be assured of a picky eater, by regularly purchasing kid foods, training little taste buds to prefer fake foods. If you want to know what kid food […]