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Healthy, Hearty and Full of Gratitude—Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is NOT Turkey Day. Okay, we eat lots of turkey on Thanksgiving, but it’s NOT Turkey Day. More than the bird on the menu, Thanksgiving is first and foremost about our gratitude to God for what He has provided. Yes, the day is a reminder of the cooperation and friendship between the Indians and […]

What Ya Gonna Do With Those Leftovers?

The one day a year when there’s more food than we can eat is Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, waste isn’t confined to the holidays. According to the US Department of Agriculture, up to one-fifth of America’s food goes to waste each year, with an estimated 130 pounds of food per person ending up in landfills. With grocery […]

Leftover Casserole

Is it time to clean out your refrigerator?  Throw together this quick and easy casserole with refrigerator leftovers and items from your pantry. Left-Over Casserole will bring out your hidden chef, because you’re creating a new recipe each time you make it. Begin by opening up the refrigerator to see what’s there. Saute one onion; ½ chopped pepper […]