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Smart Choice…NOT

There’s a new food label campaign called Smart Choices. Products which have been designated as “healthier” are marked with a green spot and a checkmark on the front of the package. The green checkmark label is showing up in supermarkets and is backed by most of ten largest food manufacturers. The label is intended to […]

Avoid Flu Germs with Clean Hands

Part 2 of 5 This is the second part of a five-part series on preparing for a potentially tough flu season. Three Healthy Habits for Healthy Kids Germs are a big concern with flu season upon us. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Especially this year with the swine flu, H1N1, parents can take […]

Children Play to Learn

Alison Gopnik wrote an August 15 op-ed piece in The New York Times titled “Your Baby is Smarter than You Think.” Gopnik explains new research which found babies and young children learn quite differently than we once thought. She says, “New studies, however, demonstrate that babies and very young children know, observe, explore, imagine and […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

How’s your garden? It’s midsummer and gardens are producing. My neighbor, Mark, just brought over nearly a pound of green beans from his garden. Jackie (my daughter) is now harvesting, among other things, lettuce and zucchini. Families with home vegetable gardens eat more fruit and vegetables. The home garden supplies fresh fruit and vegetables and at the same time […]

Keep Produce Happy

Especially in these uncertain economic times, you’ll ultimately save your grocery dollars when you eat all your produce. Spoiled produce is money down the drain. Keep Produce Fresher, Longer 1. You may think your kids fight a lot, but fruit and veggies don’t like each other at all! They’re constantly fighting in your refrigerator! The solution is to […]

Meal Time Should Be Happy Time

Enjoyment of food is directly tied to the mood around the table. Mason found another way to enjoy his food…by wearing it! Dinner is the one time of the day families can share. Today, many busy families eat together only three times a week. With just a little planning, you can change that statistic for your […]

Health is in Season

Whole foods cost less than processed foods Many believe that their grocery budgets can’t expand to cover the cost of whole foods. Usually, we’re comparing apples to apples, not whole foods to processed foods. We compare the cost of a bag of regular chips to a bag of organic chips or a bag of regular […]

5 Strategies to Get Kids Eating Veggies

Children refusing to eat vegetables is a concern for many parents. This plea from a mom on mamapedia.com is typical, “My 3-year-old daughter will not eat vegetables at all…I’m afraid that if I don’t get this under control soon, she will be eating chicken nuggets and French fries every day for the rest of her […]

Outdoor Food Safety

Summer Time To Be Outdoors Fresh air and exercise are good for overall health. Hiking, camping, and even picnicking involve preparing and storing at least one meal. Especially in the heat, food needs to be handled correctly, or you could come home with food poisoning. Keep Foods Cold or Hot Food safety principles are the same whether you’re […]

Delight Your Picky Eater’s Senses

Farmers’ Markets Engage Picky Eaters  Farmers’ markets are not only fun for the entire family, but they can be a wonderful source for multi-sensory learning. One of the most effective methods for developing healthy eating habits in your kids, especially picky eaters, is to involve them in the entire food process, beginning with your purchase of […]