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What’s Left to Eat?

“What’s left to eat?” is the usual cry from someone who is changing their diet from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to whole foods. It’s a fair question. After all, 90 percent of the food consumed in the US is processed. When you become aware of the food you are consuming, it can seem insurmountable, […]

You Are What You Eat

You have heard “You are what you eat” a million times, but what exactly does it mean to you, your family and your bodies? Americans consume huge amounts of processed foods, including fast food, restaurant food and food you buy and cook for your families. Many European countries are changing how their families eat, by […]

Growing Healthy Kids

Growing healthy kids starts in pregnancy and continues for a lifetime. When the first foods your baby receives is from the garden and you never purchase fast or processed foods, your child will naturally eat healthy foods. Contrary to popular belief, picky eaters are not born, they’re made. While we may have a natural preference […]

A Day Without Processed Food

Eat Whole Foods A typical grocery store stocks 40,000 items. Ninety percent of food dollars is spent on processed food. We are used to opening a can or a box or a bag for most of our meals. When I mention the idea of eating only real food (food that has been minimally processed), many can’t […]

Cookin’ Has Gone to the Dogs

I wouldn’t have believed it if you told me a few years ago, that I’d be making casseroles for my dogs. I thought I was feeding them the most nutritious of dog foods. In fact, it was a brand sold in whole foods stores. I mused about it in my book, Baby Bites, “There’s something […]