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What You Eat

Perhaps, there has been no other time in history, where people have eaten so much and yet so poorly. Americans for the most part eat a lot of food, but with very little nutrition. Disease is rising. We spend more on medical services, yet we are sicker. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, allergies and neurological problems […]

Healthy Eating in College?

While sharing dinner with some dear friends last week, we learned their daughter, Hannah, is experiencing numerous health issues. Hannah lives in a college dorm and is eating primarily cafeteria food. One of the illnesses Hannah recently experienced is shingles. Singles is an autoimmune disease. Once you’ve have had chicken pox, the virus lives dormant […]

Modern Diet Leads to More Tummy Aches

A recent study from Italy found dietary habits impact kids’ gut function. Italian researchers did a comparative study in children from Europe and Burkina Faso, a rural African village. Children from Burkina Faso ate a diet high in fiber content, similar to that of early human settlements at the time of the birth of agriculture. […]

Food Allergies in Kids on the Rise

What if after taking a bite of peanut butter and jelly sandwich or sipping a glass of milk you were vomiting, gasping for breath and/or desperately scratching hives? For some children with food allergies, that reality can be life threatening. A food allergy is an abnormal response to a food triggered by the immune system. […]

Keep Kids Healthy with Probiotics

When I speak to groups, one of the most asked about subjects is probiotics. Probiotics are the friendly or good bacteria in our guts. They are said to help prevent and relieve allergies, yeast infections, eczema, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowl syndrome, urinary tract infections, colic, asthma, autoimmune diseases, constipation, diarrhea and even cancer. There’s new evidence […]

Veggies Keep Your Immune System Strong

Part 3 of 5 This is the third part of a five-part series on preparing for a potentially tough flu season. A Healthy Diet for a Strong Immune System The best flu prevention strategy is regular exercise, sufficient sleep, proper hygiene (hand washing), and good nutrition. A healthy diet, packed with vitamins and nutrients, including immune-boosting foods […]

Childhood Constipation Cure

The Scoop on Poop Ouch! Constipation hurts. Constipation is a common and frustrating problem in children. Constipation is defined as hard and painful stools or going several days without a bowel movement. People (kids, too) should have at least one soft bowel movement a day. A mom asks for advice about her toddler’s pooping. “My 23 […]

Probiotics Found in Food

In every culture, people have included fermented foods in their diets. These are foods which have been cultured, supplying probiotics and health-building enzymes. Despite the hype over probiotic drinks, yogurts, and bars, live and active probiotics are difficult to find today. All cultured products begin with live, active cultures. That means the microorganisms are alive […]

Probiotics for Healthy Kids

Probiotics means ‘for life’ You have hundreds of trillions of bacteria in your digestive tract. They are a major part of your immune system. A healthy lower intestine should have about 85 percent of “good or friendly bacteria” or flora to prevent the over colonization of disease causing micro-organisms like E. coli and salmonella. Today, […]