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Danger: Drastic Food Increases Ahead

Fasten Your Seat Belt There’s a the bumpy ride ahead in 2013. I’ve been writing about grocery prices increasing and stocking your pantry for months. The combination of this year’s drought and QE3 (to infinity) is pushing food and other commodities through the roof, especially during the first quarter of 2013. I’ve written dozens of […]

Don’t Be Mother Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard Went to the cupboard, To give her poor dog a bone: When she came there, The cupboard was bare, And so her poor dog had none. My little dogs, Phoebe and Mille, never have to worry about getting a dog bone. Although ol’ Mother Hubbard’s dog wasn’t as fortunate. In my last blog, “Food […]

Squeezing a Nickel

(Because of inflation, it’s no longer worth penny pinching) 3 Benefits of Bulk Investing What sort of investment return gets you excited? You get less than 2 percent on cash in the bank. The average return from the stock market, if you’re lucky, you might get 8 percent. According to Money, the Vanguard Total Stock […]

Pantry Clean-Up

Get Space I was walking along the perimeter isle of WalMart the other day, when I noticed their plastic storage shelves. I took a closer look, because my pantry needed serious organization. A sturdy 36” X 18” X 73” shelf unit was under $40! It has a 625 pound capacity: 125 pounds per shelf. That’s […]

Coming Food Crisis

We are in the front end of a developing economic crisis in the US. Yes, I know government pundits keep insisting the “worse is over.” We hope they are right, but in our hearts we know it’s just not so. The official unemployment stat remains at a steady 9 percent. (It’s really closer to 17 […]

Whole Pantry Resolution

This is the time of year that we think of ways to improve our lives. When you resolve to purchase healthy foods, it will impact your entire family. My intention was to do a “10 Best Foods List” to counter my 2-part post “10 Worst Foods List.” My list began with sprouts, because they are […]

Food Storage: A Crisis Savings Account

Unless your cupboard is bare, you have food storage. Most families in America can eat from the food stored in their pantries and freezers for three days to a week (depending on when the last trip to the store was made), some even more. Because food is readily available, most of us don’t think about food […]

It’s Easy To Reduce Sugars

You can be one smart cookie when you eliminate, or at least drastically reduce, sugars from your child’s diet. Especially for the picky eater, who isn’t eating a healthy variety of foods, this one adjustment will open the door to appreciating different tastes. Keep your pantry stocked with nourishing items! If healthful foods are easily […]