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Summer Danger: Processed Meats

Don’t Read This (If your idea of summer fun is to roast hot dogs.) The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) has just completed a detailed review of more than 7,000 clinical studies covering links between diet and cancer. That’s huge! Its conclusion is no surprise to those who understand that chemicals in food are unhealthy. […]

Nonna Joann’s Top 10 ‘Worst’ Foods

Nonna’s Ten ‘Worst’ Foods of the Decade Part 2 Our food supply has become so polluted that it’s difficult to discern what’s a whole food and what’s not. I’ve divided my ‘Top 10 Worst Foods of the Decade’ in half. Today’s blog contains the second half: 5 through 1. Click Here to see Part One. […]

Most Important Meal

Don’t Skip Breakfast After a long night of sleep, your child’s engine is on empty. A healthy breakfast, containing protein and fiber, will get his engine going. Protein and fiber will satisfy your child’s hunger and keep him feeling full until lunchtime. In fact, studies show children who eat breakfast do better in school. Mornings are […]

The Picky Eater and ADD/ADHD

I’m often asked by moms how to begin to improve their families’ diets. Just the other day, the question came up again. This time it was from a mom with a six-and-a-half year old daughter with ADHD. Having a child with ADD/ADHD, who is a picky eater, initially takes more work. You may have a child self-limiting the kinds of […]

What’s Breakfast Without Bacon (Nitrates)?

It turns out—more healthy! All cured meats, including breakfast sausage, bacon, luncheon meats, and hot dogs, contain nitrites and nitrates. They’re added to processed meats to prevent botulism and enhance the taste and color of the meat. Without nitrates processed meats would be brown, just like cooked hamburger. Once inside the body, they can form […]