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Food Hype: Natural or Organic

Is there really a difference?  Food manufactures want us to believe we’re purchasing a healthy product, even if we’re not. They do everything they can to convince us that their processed food is in some way nutritious. Today, 90 percent of the foods in our grocery stores are processed with over 3,000 chemicals. Learning what’s in the […]

A ‘S.A.D.’ Diet

Thirty years ago, I was like most moms, I didn’t have clue as to what was in the food I was purchasing. Our family ate the Standard American Diet, which is S.A.D. My journey to whole foods began when Jenny, my third daughter, was diagnosed as hyperactive. Her pediatrician wanted to write a prescription at […]

Don’t Be Fooled by the Front of the Package Tease

Let’s spill the beans on the front of the package claims: Natural only means the product is edible: Look for “100% All Natural”, “No Preservatives”, or “Certified Organically grown.” Fortified, Enriched, Added, Extra, and Plus: You can be sure these products have had the nutrition removed and artificial ingredients have been added. Look for 100% […]