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Meal Prep Is Fun For Kids

The days are warm and long. The kids are home and need something to keep them busy. It’s the perfect time to include your kids in meal preparation. Meal preparation is an opportunity for your youngster to have hands-on experiences with various foods. “Multi-sensory learning” is involving all the senses in the process. When kids have chores in the […]

Fun Mealtimes for Picky Eaters

If you have a picky eater, mealtimes can be a nightmare. Know that you’re not alone. A recent survey showed more than 68 percent of registered dietitians, who counsel new parents, frequently receive questions about getting finicky eaters to eat at mealtime. Other surveys have found more than 50 percent of moms say they have […]

Picky Eating Could Be Sign of Autism

A recent study from England found that many kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) were picky eaters: consuming less vegetables and fruit than other children. ASD is a broad category, including diagnosis from Sensory Processing Disorder to Attention Deficit Disorder to Autism to Aspergers Disorder. Children with ASD are usually picky eaters, preferring the very […]

Fun with Whole Foods

7 Whole Food Activities Using The Forest Feast The Forest Feast is a whole foods storybook. The characters, Try Rannosaurus® and Betty Baby BitesTM, love to eat whole foods, especially veggies. Naturally, reading the story again and again will reinforce this concept. Your child doesn’t have to be a “picky eater” to benefit from The Forest Feast. Children are constantly […]

Kids in the Kitchen

Today’s Food for Thought: Let Your Kids Help You in the Kitchen Healthy eating is encouraged when all the senses are used. When introducing healthful foods to any child, especially a picky eater, you’ll want to have them help prepare the food. Learning to eat nutritious foods is a process, in which all the senses must be […]

Multi-Sensory Learning & the Picky Eater

Multi-sensory learning is vital for the picky eater. Dr. John Medina says in his book, “Brain Rules,” that multi-sensory learning is powerful. He states, “Extra information given at the moment of learning makes learning better.” This is especially important information for parents of picky eaters, who inadvertently reinforce the wrong concepts. Repetition is basic for memory. Have you ever had to […]

Children Play to Learn

Alison Gopnik wrote an August 15 op-ed piece in The New York Times titled “Your Baby is Smarter than You Think.” Gopnik explains new research which found babies and young children learn quite differently than we once thought. She says, “New studies, however, demonstrate that babies and very young children know, observe, explore, imagine and […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

How’s your garden? It’s midsummer and gardens are producing. My neighbor, Mark, just brought over nearly a pound of green beans from his garden. Jackie (my daughter) is now harvesting, among other things, lettuce and zucchini. Families with home vegetable gardens eat more fruit and vegetables. The home garden supplies fresh fruit and vegetables and at the same time […]

5 Strategies to Get Kids Eating Veggies

Children refusing to eat vegetables is a concern for many parents. This plea from a mom on mamapedia.com is typical, “My 3-year-old daughter will not eat vegetables at all…I’m afraid that if I don’t get this under control soon, she will be eating chicken nuggets and French fries every day for the rest of her […]

Playing With Food

You’ll never say “don’t play with your food” again once multi-sensory learning is incorporated into your picky eater’s mealtime. Fussy eaters can’t resist loving veggies when all your child’s senses are engaged. You can change dinner conflict with your picky eater to fun, multi-sensory, memory-making mealtimes. Play is the way children learn and directed-play allows you to incorporate foods […]