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Put Picky Eaters to Work in the Kitchen

Have a Picky Eater? Put him/her to work in the kitchen! Multi-sensory learning is vital for older picky eaters. Transforming the grade school child, who as developed poor eating habits and who’s resistant to eating nutritious foods, into a healthy eater requires incorporating all his/her senses. Most parents involve their kids in making desserts, but […]

Spinach & Tomato Medley

Popeye’s secret to his strength was to rip open a can of spinach with his bear hands and plop the spinach directly into his mouth. He was on to something as spinach is loaded with A, K, D and E. Spinach is a good source of Omega 3s,  it’s an anti-inflammatory antioxidant and it strengthens […]

Kids in the Kitchen

When I was growing up, kids were expected to help with family chores. The larger the family, the more chores children were given. I frequently could be found at my best friend’s home. Debbie was the eldest girl in a family with five children. Before she was allowed to play after school, her chores needed […]

Kids in the Kitchen

Today’s Food for Thought: Let Your Kids Help You in the Kitchen Healthy eating is encouraged when all the senses are used. When introducing healthful foods to any child, especially a picky eater, you’ll want to have them help prepare the food. Learning to eat nutritious foods is a process, in which all the senses must be […]