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Healthy Kids & pH Levels

What is pH? Every solution is either acidic or alkaline, including our body fluids. The body is designed to maintain a constant pH 7.4 in the blood. It does this by depositing and withdrawing acid and alkaline minerals from the bones, soft tissues, body fluids (blood, saliva, and urine). Your pH levels are usually more acidic in […]

Picky Eating & Daddy

Your Children Are Watching You The most important factor in raising a healthy eater is what you eat. Yes, if you want your children to eat whole foods, you must eat them yourself. Moms often ask, “How do I get my husband on-board with healthy eating?” This seems to be a universal problem; even the […]

Three ‘B’s to Healthy Eating

Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and protein-rich foods compromise a healthy diet. Of course, you have to persuade your kids to eat them. Fast foods, highly sugared foods, snacks loaded with altered fats only make your job harder. Engineered foods are leaving dietary gaps replacing whole foods. Ironically, experts say, our kids are actually missing […]

Is Child Obesity Child Abuse?

Who’s to blame for the national shame of childhood obesity? “Is child obesity child abuse?” a recent USA Today headline asks. It seems Jerri Gray has been charged with criminal neglect because her 14-year-old son tips the scales at 555 pounds. After failed efforts to convince Jerri to put her son on a diet, he’s […]

5 Strategies to Get Kids Eating Veggies

Children refusing to eat vegetables is a concern for many parents. This plea from a mom on mamapedia.com is typical, “My 3-year-old daughter will not eat vegetables at all…I’m afraid that if I don’t get this under control soon, she will be eating chicken nuggets and French fries every day for the rest of her […]

Pets Eat Better Than Most Kids

I’ve been making my own dog food for over a year. It all began when my two little pooches got sick. The vet recommended I purchase expensive canned food for them. He didn’t encourage me when I said I would make their food instead. It turns out that vets don’t like the idea of people […]

Kids Getting Older Younger

A mom recently asked for advice about her 11-year-old son, who likes to play with toys. Seems the other kids his age, aren’t much into action figures, like her son. She wonders if her son is abnormal and asks for suggestions on how he can make friends. Sounds like she’s got a great kid. And I […]

Most Important Meal

Don’t Skip Breakfast After a long night of sleep, your child’s engine is on empty. A healthy breakfast, containing protein and fiber, will get his engine going. Protein and fiber will satisfy your child’s hunger and keep him feeling full until lunchtime. In fact, studies show children who eat breakfast do better in school. Mornings are […]