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The First 60 Minutes: Effects of Coca Cola on Your Body

The First 60 Minutes: Effects of Coca Cola on Your Body It’s widely known, especially among us in the Health Naturally community that sugary drinks such as Coca Cola are extremely unhealthy, but it’s been a bit of a mystery as to what it does to our body once consumed. Thanks to Niraj Naik at The […]

Trans Fats Linked to Aggression

Tired of your husband blaming your time of the month for your bad mood? Now wives can point to junk food as the cause of their husbands’ irritability. In fact, this new study one-ups the “Twinkie Defense.” Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have found the consumption of trans fats […]

Cartoon Characters Sway Kids’ Choices

The latest study reveals kids’ gravitate toward foods with cartoon characters on the packaging. No kidding? Really? Cartoon characters on food packages influence kids’ food choices. WOW, such insight. We love studies, don’t we? Every day there is a new study about kids and food. The latest study is from Rudd Center for Food Policy […]

Do You Support a Sin Tax on Junk Foods?

According to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey most Americans do NOT. They found that 56 percent oppose sin taxes on sodas and junk food. Twelve percent are undecided. A sin tax is taxing soda and other sugar-laden products sabotaging the health of many Americans. Here’s what President Obama said concerning sin taxes on […]

Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal

Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You. Happy Birthday, Dear Happy Meal, Happy Birthday to You! I know it’s hard to believe. Time flies, doesn’t it? My eyes tear when I think today, March 3, is my Happy Meal’s first birthday. They grow up so fast, don’t they? I purchased a Happy Meal, not […]

Three Steps to a Healthy Eater

You can transform your picky eater into a healthy eater! Incorporate the following three easy steps to encourage healthy eating. Even picky eaters begin to appreciate the taste and texture of whole foods when you take the offensive. 1. Purchase Whole Foods When you stock your pantry and refrigerator are with whole foods, your children will eat […]

Eating Out and Trans Fat

Twenty-one percent of toddlers eat French fries EVERY DAY! In the United States, typical French fries have about 40 percent trans fat, and many cookies and crackers range from 30 to 50 percent trans fat. Doughnuts have approximately 35 percent trans fatty acids. A couple of the worst offenders are found in many kitchens-stick margarine […]

Fueling a Picky Eater

Picky eating is a prevailing concern for parents and rightly so. We have more picky eaters than every before. Depending on the study, between 20 and 66 percent of parents say they have a “problem eater.” A mom with a picky eater asks for advice. She’s concerned about her toddler, who was born prematurely and […]

Nonna’s Happy Meal Blog

Even picky eaters will eat fast food, especially French fries. A recent survey found the French fry to be baby’s first finger food. When I talk to moms, they always insist their children don’t eat that many French fries. Someone is in denial. Researchers at Ohio State University analyzed government data on 6,500 children and teens, ages 2 to 18. […]