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Smart Choice…NOT

There’s a new food label campaign called Smart Choices. Products which have been designated as “healthier” are marked with a green spot and a checkmark on the front of the package. The green checkmark label is showing up in supermarkets and is backed by most of ten largest food manufacturers. The label is intended to […]

TV Ads Impact Kids’ Health

Largest Study on TV Ads and Children’s Health. This vital topic concerning our children’s health is studied by the Kaiser Foundation. The study found that 34 percent of ads targeting children are for candy and snacks, 28 percent are for sugarcoated cereals, and 10 percent are for fast foods. Only 4 percent are for dairy products and […]

Kids Eat Too Much Sugar

It’s really no surprise that kids eat too much sugar. We already know that. But it’s good to have it backed up with facts. According to an online article from the Journal of Pediatrics, the health of preschoolers is seriously compromised: by the amount of sugar in their diets! They found that preschoolers are eating 14 […]