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The First 60 Minutes: Effects of Coca Cola on Your Body

The First 60 Minutes: Effects of Coca Cola on Your Body It’s widely known, especially among us in the Health Naturally community that sugary drinks such as Coca Cola are extremely unhealthy, but it’s been a bit of a mystery as to what it does to our body once consumed. Thanks to Niraj Naik at The […]

Healthy Eating Trends

Happy Eating News from The Food Channel The Food Channel’s Top Ten Trends in Healthy Eating are encouraging! People are becoming aware of our food supply pollution. As a result, they’re incorporating healthy changes into their lives. This is the Food Channel’s Top Ten Trend list: 1. Fooducation. People are eating smarter and becoming informed […]

Taste of Fun

Laughing is Good for the Soul Headlines The following 1997 headlines can’t be verified, nonetheless, they’re very funny! 1) Include your children when baking cookies. 2) Teachers strike idles kids. 3) New study of obesity looks for larger group. 4) Chef throws his heart into helping feed the needy. 5. Kids make nutritious snacks. Freshness Gag […]

My 2011 Resolutions

I try not to make resolutions that I know I can’t keep. In fact, there have been years, where I didn’t make any resolutions at all. This coming year, I already know I want to spend more time in God’s Word. When I read scripture, it gives balance and perspective to all that I do. […]

Picky Eating & Daddy

Your Children Are Watching You The most important factor in raising a healthy eater is what you eat. Yes, if you want your children to eat whole foods, you must eat them yourself. Moms often ask, “How do I get my husband on-board with healthy eating?” This seems to be a universal problem; even the […]

Healthy Eating Is Fun!

The Forest Feast Encourages Healthy Eating Lifestyles and behaviors are established in early childhood. This is especially true for eating habits and food preferences. Unfortunately, many foods that children consume are lacking in essential nutrients. Our national taste buds have become accustomed to junk foods, loaded with added sugars, artificial ingredients, and synthetic flavors. This […]

Raising a Whole Foods Child

Step One: Start Early You can avoid having a picky eater! The earlier you start introducing whole foods the easier it will be. When your baby is ready for solid foods, begin with real foods. Introduce squash, carrots, broccoli, avocado, peas, green beans before sweeter fruit like bananas. Never feed your baby processed foods, especially […]

Three ‘B’s to Healthy Eating

Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and protein-rich foods compromise a healthy diet. Of course, you have to persuade your kids to eat them. Fast foods, highly sugared foods, snacks loaded with altered fats only make your job harder. Engineered foods are leaving dietary gaps replacing whole foods. Ironically, experts say, our kids are actually missing […]

Affordable Healthy Baby Food

It’s never too early to begin a baby’s journey to healthy eating. By introducing and then continually offering your baby whole foods, you’ll steer clear of many of the common pitfalls often made by parents. In addition, when the Baby Bite steps with multi-sensory learning are incorporated from the beginning of your baby’s eating experience, picky eating will never become a problem. It […]

Don’t Cook?

You Can Still Eat Healthy Writing is a solitary business, but one that pretty much suits me. After my book, “Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater,” came out, I found myself writing a talk. That was the easy part. Speaking to groups was more of a challenge. Just about the time […]