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Delight Your Picky Eater’s Senses

Farmers’ Markets Engage Picky Eaters  Farmers’ markets are not only fun for the entire family, but they can be a wonderful source for multi-sensory learning. One of the most effective methods for developing healthy eating habits in your kids, especially picky eaters, is to involve them in the entire food process, beginning with your purchase of […]

In a Pickle Over Grocery Shopping?

7 Tricks of the Trade Are you concerned about the economy? Do you want to save at the grocery store? Are you looking for ways to buy and store the most healthful foods? A mom on MamaPedia.com asks for some ‘tricks of the trade’ for grocery shopping, storage, and making the most of her produce. […]

The Picky Eater and ADD/ADHD

I’m often asked by moms how to begin to improve their families’ diets. Just the other day, the question came up again. This time it was from a mom with a six-and-a-half year old daughter with ADHD. Having a child with ADD/ADHD, who is a picky eater, initially takes more work. You may have a child self-limiting the kinds of […]