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Mediterranean Tuna Casserole

You can find cans of tuna fish in just about every pantry, including mine. I have a few favorite recipes for tuna. I make a tuna salad with bib lettuce, tuna and pineapple chunks. Tuna Melt with a white sauce, peas and served over toasted bread. Because I’ve been writing about Gourmet Pantry Cooking, I […]

Canned Chicken Salad

Gourmet Cooking from Your Pantry Having a well-stocked pantry is a way to hedge off inflation. It saves trips to the grocery store and when you’re in a bind, you can come up with delicious meals in minutes. I’ll be testing new gourmet pantry recipes during the coming weeks. If you have a favorite recipe, […]

Gourmet Cooking From Your Pantry

Do you think of your favorite jar of pasta sauce over pasta or tuna casserole when you think of cooking from food storage? Think again. Not only can you throw together cost-effective, last minute meals, but you’ll impress your family AND guests with delicious Pantry Gourmet Meals. Even more important: A well-stocked pantry means you […]