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Freaky Fried Food

Frying Food Is Unhealthy We refuse to acknowledge how really bad fried food is for us. Some of the people, who left comments on my Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog (which took a lighthearted look at fast food) really got riled up. I’m amazed at how passionate people are about fast food. A […]

Eating Out and Trans Fat

Twenty-one percent of toddlers eat French fries EVERY DAY! In the United States, typical French fries have about 40 percent trans fat, and many cookies and crackers range from 30 to 50 percent trans fat. Doughnuts have approximately 35 percent trans fatty acids. A couple of the worst offenders are found in many kitchens-stick margarine […]

Nonna’s Happy Meal Blog

Even picky eaters will eat fast food, especially French fries. A recent survey found the French fry to be baby’s first finger food. When I talk to moms, they always insist their children don’t eat that many French fries. Someone is in denial. Researchers at Ohio State University analyzed government data on 6,500 children and teens, ages 2 to 18. […]

Eat Your French Fries?

Eat Your French Fries Vegetables My sister, Linda, has been after me for a year to do it and I finally did it. I know it’s a waste of money. They (who are they, anyway?) say, “Seeing is believing.” So I bought one. I bought it even though I won’t eat it. I won’t give […]

Oven-Fried Potatoes

Cooking is fun and the way to ensure your kids will be healthy eaters is to involve them in the process of cooking whole foods. Peeling potatoes is a basic skill kids can learn and they’ll feel that they’ve helped prepare the meal. Be sure your child washes his hands before beginning.Preheat your oven to […]