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Is Child Obesity Child Abuse?

Who’s to blame for the national shame of childhood obesity? “Is child obesity child abuse?” a recent USA Today headline asks. It seems Jerri Gray has been charged with criminal neglect because her 14-year-old son tips the scales at 555 pounds. After failed efforts to convince Jerri to put her son on a diet, he’s […]

Kids Getting Older Younger

A mom recently asked for advice about her 11-year-old son, who likes to play with toys. Seems the other kids his age, aren’t much into action figures, like her son. She wonders if her son is abnormal and asks for suggestions on how he can make friends. Sounds like she’s got a great kid. And I […]

Eat Your French Fries?

Eat Your French Fries Vegetables My sister, Linda, has been after me for a year to do it and I finally did it. I know it’s a waste of money. They (who are they, anyway?) say, “Seeing is believing.” So I bought one. I bought it even though I won’t eat it. I won’t give […]

We Lie About What We Eat

We regularly lie about three things: sex, money, and what we eat. We lie most about what we eat. Because we desperately want to believe we eat a healthy diet; we comfort ourselves with lies and food myths. We believe we eat better than most of the world! Americans are fatter than the rest of […]