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Recession Changes Eating Habits

It’s Not All Bad News One unintended consequence of the recession is that American eating habits have changed. Overall this is a good thing, because families are eating at home more often. This is certainly beneficial for children. Meals prepared at home tend to be more nutritious and the time spent with the family around […]

We Lie About What We Eat

We regularly lie about three things: sex, money, and what we eat. We lie most about what we eat. Because we desperately want to believe we eat a healthy diet; we comfort ourselves with lies and food myths. We believe we eat better than most of the world! Americans are fatter than the rest of […]

A ‘S.A.D.’ Diet

Thirty years ago, I was like most moms, I didn’t have clue as to what was in the food I was purchasing. Our family ate the Standard American Diet, which is S.A.D. My journey to whole foods began when Jenny, my third daughter, was diagnosed as hyperactive. Her pediatrician wanted to write a prescription at […]

A Guide for Parents of Picky Eaters that Actually Works!

> Does your picky eater prefer fast food and sugar? > Does your preschooler refuse to touch vegetables? > Does your toddler throw food on the floor in defiance? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone! Forty-nine percent of moms say they have a picky eater. With “Baby Bites,” in […]