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Candy Overload

Kids Love Candy We all know what October means for kids…Candy Overload. Kids (actually everyone) love candy, so what could be harmful about that? In the past, I’ve focused on how detrimental the artificial ingredients are in candy. Add to that the sugar content and you have a recipe for disaster. October is Non-GMO Month […]

Healthy Candy

Just Like “Jumbo Shrimp”… “Healthy Candy” is an Oxymoron In America the annual per capita consumption of candy is about 24 pounds. Children eat between 1 and 4 pounds of candy just at Halloween. I have avoided writing about Halloween candy, because I feel that it is no longer safe for kids to trick-or-treat. Also, […]

Chocolate a Health Food …Or Not

YIPEE Chocolate lovers everywhere rejoiced with the revelation that chocolate is actually good for you. This is wonderful news for Americans, who annually eat on average 11 pounds of chocolate per person. Kids eat chocolate breakfast cereals, muffins and breakfast drinks. Then there’s chocolate health bars and of course candy and desserts, like ice cream, […]

TV Ads Impact Kids’ Health

Largest Study on TV Ads and Children’s Health. This vital topic concerning our children’s health is studied by the Kaiser Foundation. The study found that 34 percent of ads targeting children are for candy and snacks, 28 percent are for sugarcoated cereals, and 10 percent are for fast foods. Only 4 percent are for dairy products and […]