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Hungry @ School

Just this week, I was interviewed for a Whole Hearted Parenting teleseminar. I was asked about kids in the US being hungry. I answered that I didn’t believe most kids were hungry in the US, but were eating nutrition-void foods. I said the result is pretty much the same as kids are nutritionally starving. I […]

Mighty Oatmeal

Mild-Mannered Oats A Super Food Oats have super powers to lower cholesterol: because of soluble fiber. The soluble fiber acts as broom to sweep out cholesterol from the blood. One and half cups of cooked oatmeal provides enough beta-gluten to significantly lower blood cholesterol and heart attack risk. Instant oatmeal is loaded with sugars and […]

Climb out of the Breakfast Rut

When kids can finally make their own breakfast, it helps with the morning rush. Unfortunately, it’s about that time a breakfast rut usually begins. The breakfast rut is made with simple carbohydrates: white flour pancakes and waffles topped with sugary syrup, most processed cereals, coffee cakes, donuts, bagels, and white bread toast. When breaking fast, the […]

Most Important Meal

Don’t Skip Breakfast After a long night of sleep, your child’s engine is on empty. A healthy breakfast, containing protein and fiber, will get his engine going. Protein and fiber will satisfy your child’s hunger and keep him feeling full until lunchtime. In fact, studies show children who eat breakfast do better in school. Mornings are […]

Kids’ Cereal Claims

Eighty percent of children eat boxed cereal for breakfast. The Journal of the “American Dietetic Association” reports a study concerning children’s cereals. They found the claims made for kids’ cereals were often misleading. Are you surprised? I’m not! Cereals sold as “low fat” or “low sugar” were not lower in calories. Brands touted as “whole grain” […]

What’s Breakfast Without Bacon (Nitrates)?

It turns out—more healthy! All cured meats, including breakfast sausage, bacon, luncheon meats, and hot dogs, contain nitrites and nitrates. They’re added to processed meats to prevent botulism and enhance the taste and color of the meat. Without nitrates processed meats would be brown, just like cooked hamburger. Once inside the body, they can form […]

Sunday Quiche

Sunday Quiche Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees and then bake a pre-made single crust whole-wheat pie shell for 10 minutes or make your own pie crust. Recipe follows. Remove pie crust and reduce heat to 350 degrees. While crust is in the oven assemble: 4 beaten eggs 1¼ cups milk 2 sliced green onions ½ […]

Nonna’s Favorite Pancakes

Nonna’s Favorite Pancakes take only a few minutes to make and they taste better than an expensive box mix. Mix 1 cup whole-wheat flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder (1 teaspoon if you live at a high altitude), ½ teaspoon salt in a bowl. In another bowl add 1 tablespoon honey (or sugar), 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons […]