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The Lemming Diet

American Diet Lacking, Despite Age Americans across the board do NOT meet the USDA recommendations outlined in the Food Pyramid. While the merits of the Food Pyramid can be debated, a recent study found the majority of the U.S. population over-consume solid fats (translate to altered fats), sugars and alcoholic beverages. The study was published […]

Salad Time

In the heat of summer, cool food sounds especially yummy.  Fortunately, the very season that brings on the heat is also responsible for providing us with an abundant supply of fruits and vegetables. Salads can be prepared, often with little or no cooking, to satisfy the summertime craving for something light and cool. The salads […]

USDA Organics…from China?

When I purchase Spanish olives, I’m not surprised they’re from Spain. I’m not surprised when coffee is from Columbia, either. With the country of origin now mentioned on labels, I’ve often wondered about organic products from Mexico. That is until my friend, Charcie, sent me (and her email list) a link concerning organic food from […]

Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

Last week, I spent a few days in Redondo Beach visiting my three grandchildren and my daughter, Julie-ann. Three PM Sunday Julie-ann dropped me off at the LA Airport for the flight home. On my way to the gate, I stopped in the bookstore and purchased In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan. I figured […]

Shaking the Salt Habit

Recently, my husband Dick and I went to dinner with our daughter, her family and her father-in-law who was visiting from South Africa. We had a wonderful time at a local steak house. Dick and I are always mindful of the food we order when we’re out. We do our best to choose the healthiest […]

Nonna Joann on TV

Following are several TV appearances for Baby Bites™ author Nonna Joann Bruso. Nonna Joann speaks about picky eaters, preparing healthy family meals and snacks, shopping, food storage and fast foods. Nonna Joann on Denver’s Fox 31 News talking about her Happy Birthday to My Happy Meal blog: [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSMgwAIrFYc] Nonna Joann Bruso appears on several local news […]