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Aspartame Poisoning

You either love or hate him, depending if you lean right or left politically. Glenn Beck is a conservative radio and TV host, known for his provocative TV show, “The Glenn Beck Program” and a daily radio program.  Beck’s programs fuse “Entertainment and Enlightenment.” Beck has been in the news for his summer Washington DC […]

Using Sweet Stevia

While I’m not an expert on stevia, I do use it. Not a lot, because we don’t eat many sweets, although, there are some things which absolutely need to be sweetened. (For more information on stevia, Click Here.) The most frequent problem for people, who first use stevia, is that they add too much. When […]

Alien Substances in Food

Altered fats, like trans fat, interesterifed fat, and the additive MSG, an excitatory neuro-transmitter or “excitotoxin”, and sugar substitutes are alien substances which impersonate real food. Altered fats (trans fat and interesterified fat) are identifiable on most processed foods, as they are required to be listed on the nutrition label. MSG is another story. Even […]