Why do you use DRcaps® vegetable capsules? How are they superior?

Plant-based DRcaps® capsules were developed to address all of the various challenges and shortcomings of delivery and absorption of acid-sensitive ingredients. The advanced vegetarian encapsulation slows the capsule opening after swallowing without adding coating ingredients and inherently enhances stability for moisture-sensitive supplements. These capsules are superior since they allow our pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to reach the intestine instead of being eliminated, damaged or reduced inside the stomach’s acidic environment.

Clinical Study
A human clinical study was designed to evaluate the disintegration behavior of unbanded DRcaps capsules in human subjects. Completed in spring 2013, the study documents the success of unbanded DRcaps capsules’ resistance to stomach acids for delivery of ingredients after a certain time period, protecting ingredients from full disintegration in the stomach.

Source: DRcaps Clinical Study Summary


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