New Brand Name — Same Company — Same Standard of Quality and Purity

Pure Therapeutics is now Pure Therapro

August, 2018
We’ve recently updated our brand name from Pure Therapeutics to Pure TheraPro Rx. This is only a branding/name update and has no material impact on the company or our operations.

Why the update?

When looking at our customers needs and health goals along with our future plans, we decided it would be best to use an identity that directly aligns with our mission. Here’s the short summary of the name change process:

  • Pure Therapeutics was hard for people to say and even harder to spell. Although the name aligned with our mission of therapeutic supplements in pure formulations, we determined it was not the exact match for our long-term goals.
  • Pure TheraPro Rx: a combination of our former brand (to maintain our logo, website address and social media profiles) and our overall mission:
      To provide professional grade, evidenced-based therapeutic supplements in as pure formulas as possible, directly to our customers.

This new brand name is the reflection of these ongoing commitments to our customers:

 1) The promise of purity as the priority, always. We will never compromise purity for profit.

 2) An unwavering commitment to using evidence-based ingredients in clinical dosing that provide true health benefits.

 3) Health should be attainable. We bring pharmaceutical grade formulas direct to you – without unnecessary middle-man markups.