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Who We Are:
Our company is comprised of passionate healers dedicated to making a difference in health & wellness. We are a small, yet focused company with leadership from diverse backgrounds, including nutrition, fitness, healing, wellness, ingredient sourcing, supplement formulation and food science.

Pure Therapro Rx® (Formerly Pure Therapeutics) was initially formed as the products division of a multi-modality medical clinic located in Colorado. This clinic provides nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, hypnotherapy, colon hydrotherapy, psychotherapy, medical intuitives, and nurse practitioners. Being in the wellness industry over the last 15+ years, we realized that most of the supplements people were taking were ineffective and, in some cases, a waste of time and money. We also realized the current Standard American Diet (SAD) consists of processed, genetically altered, and nutritionally void foods. We could not be passive in this “new” reality and decided the most effective method to change was through supplementation.


We are relentlessly determined in bringing affordable health & wellness to our customers by using the highest quality, scientifically proven ingredients. We are continuously improving our ingredient sources, formulations and even packaging to insure our customers can always place their trust in the Pure Therapro Rx brand. A question we are commonly asked is: “How do you maintain your low prices?” This is made possible by selling directly to our customers with no middle man mark-ups typically found in the supplement industry. We also really value our customer’s time – all products are typically shipped same day from distributed warehouses throughout the country.

Pure Therapro Rx uses a GMP certified and FDA inspected manufacturing facility along with rigorous quality standards to produce our line of exceptional pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals. In addition to being doctor formulated, we utilize patented, highly researched ingredients where possible. All Pure Therapro Rx brand supplements are 100% made in the USA. Read more about our quality assurance and manufacturing process here.

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