My Unofficial Costco Organic Foods List

“Costco Organic Foods” is a list I originally put together for my son-in-law, David in 2008. He has a Costco membership, but lives a distance from a store. Because, he will be the one driving to the store and shopping, he wanted to know what organic food products I found at Costco (Sam’s has similar products, but I’m  not a member) costco natural and organicand purchase from the store. This unofficial list began just for him. Turns out lots of people want to know the same thing as David.  This is an extremely popular blog, because Costco doesn’t post a list of their organic products.

This is my unofficial list. My list is not all-inclusive because items are constantly being changed. The most frustrating thing about Costco is that a favorite item will disappear from the shelves…sometimes for good, sometimes for a season.

Not all of these items are available in all Costco stores, some are seasonal and some are for reasons unknown to me are not always available.

Organic Frozen Foods
(They keep adding to the organic frozen foods…YEA
. Read the label and check to see where the country of origin is. Even if the product says “organic” but lists China as the country of origin, I don’t purchase it.)
Asparagus (Pacific Meadows)
Blueberries (Scenic Fruit or Pacific Meadows)
Berries, mixed (Cascadian Farms)
Broccoli (Natural Choice)
Cherries (Townsend)
Corn ( Bybees)
Frozen Yogurt (Julie’s Organic low-fat strawberry)
Frozen Whole Food Organic Juice Tubes (Popsicles)
Garden Trio (Bybee)
Green Beans (Lisa’s)
Hamburger Patties (Kirkland)
Peas (Bybee)
Peaches (Wawona)
Salmon (check to see if it’s from the Pacific Ocean — Alaska — and not farmed) I’m tempted to take this item off the list, as Fukushima has caused all the fish in the Pacific to be contaminated.

Organic Produce
(Most of the organic fruit is seasonal)
Apples, sliced
Apples and Pears — occasionally are organic
Carrots & Mini Carrots
Organic Carrot Juice (Bolthouse)
Edmamame (Fusjsan from China — no way to know if this is really organic)
Roma tomatoes aren’t organic, but pesticide free
Mangoes(Pacific Meadows)
Romaine Hearts Lettuce
Spring Mixed Lettuce
Sweet Potatoes

Not Organic Produce with peels or shells, so you’re throwing away many (I added the word “many”, after Mike’s comment below) of the exterior pesticides.
Nuts in the shell seasonally
Shitake dehydrated mushrooms

Organic Dairy & Refrigerated Foods
Bean & Rice Burritos
Butter (Kirkland)
Cheese (Organic Creamery Sharp Cheddar)

Green Chile Corn Chowder (Boulder Soup Works)
Japanese Udon Noodles
Milk, but it’s 1 percent (Whole milk is a whole food, children need healthy fats, see “Whole Milk Challenge.”)
Pizza (Amy’s)

Organic Meat & Main Dish
Beef (grass fed is better than corn fed, but organic fed is a step up from commercially grown beef)
Beef Sirloin Steak (Verde Organic Grass Fed)
Bison (grass fed)
Chicken Breasts, Thighs & Whole Chickens
PJs Skinny Burritos
Turkey Breast, Applewood Sliced Organic (great for lunches)

Organic Grains
Alpine Valley Organic Multi-Grain Bread
Brown Rice, short grain (Lundberg)
Cereal (Ancient Grains, Mesa Sunrise, Natures Path Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola & Kirkland Instant Oatmeal)
Crackers, Mary’s Gone Crackers
Farro (Earthy Delights)
Granola: Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Granola
Quinoa (Red Hill)
Quinoa & Brown Rice (Seeds of Change)
Soma Masorri Rice
Sprouted Bean Trio (truRoots) This may require more time cooking than the directions indicate.
Wild Rice (Harvest Medley)
Wheat & White Flour

Other Organic Products
Acai Juice (Sambazon)
Apple sauce (Treetop)
Apple Chips (Bare Fruit)
Apple Juice (Kirkland)
Balsamic Salad Dressing
Beef Jerky
Better than Bouillon (vegetable base)
Blue Agave
Burrito (PJs Skinny)
Chicken Broth (small amount of sugar)
Chili, Amy’s
Coconut Oil (Virgin–Spectrum or Nutiva)
Corn (Westrae canned corn)
Coffee (Magnum)
Figs (Made in Nature Calimyrna Figs)
Granola (Udi’s)
Granola Cereal (Kirkland)
Honey (L.R. Rice)
Hummus (Pita Pal Spicy Roasted Red Pepper)
Lentil & Lentil Vegetable Soup (Amy’s)
Ketchup (Heinz)
Lemon Juice (33 1/2 ounces)
Italian Volcano Lemon Juice
Mac & Cheese (Annies)
Maple Syrup
Olive Oil (extra virgin)
Oregano, dried
Oregano, Dried leaves
Pasta: Fresh Organic Spinach/Cheese Ravioli
Peanut butter
Pumpkin (canned Farmers Market)
Red Pepper & Tomato Soup (Pacific)
Rudi’s Bread
Raisins (Sunmaid-comes in 2 two-pound packages)
Rice Dream Rice Drink
Salad Dressing (Newmans’ Own)
Sea Salt & Himalayan Rock Salt
Salsa (Kirkland)
Salmon (Bear & Wolf wild Alaskan salmon)
Sardines, wild
Seasoning, No Salt (Kirkland)
Soup (Amy’s Lentil & Pacific Red Pepper)
Soy Milk, plain and vanilla  (Kirkland)
Strawberry Spread (Kirkland) It has 8 grams of organic sugar (two teaspoons) per serving.
Spaghetti & Macaroni (Garogalo Organic whole wheat)
Tomatoes (canned, brand changes)
Tomato Paste
Tomato Sauce (Classico)

Organic BUT Not Necessarily Healthful
Highly Processed
and most have added sugars.
Animal Crackers (Kirkland)
Candy (The ingredients shouldn’t contain additives such as artificial colorings and flavorings.)
Cake mix (Sof’ella Gulten-Free Chocolate Cake and Frosting.)
Cereal (Kirkland Raisin bran & Kashi Autumn Wheat)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Eat Pastry) (GMO-free and some organic ingredients)
Corn Tortilla Chips
Fruit Rope (Clif Kid)
Granola bars (Nature’s Path)
Macaroni and Cheese (Annie’s)
Envirokids Gorilla Munch Cereal (Nature’s Path: almost 2 teaspoons of sugar per serving)
Healthy Handfuls (organic toddler cookies, not necessarily healthful, but organic)
Italian Blood Orange Fruit Drink
Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars
Oatmeal (Kirkland instant)
Sugar (not healthful at all, but there may be times when a little sugar is needed)

Products Which Are NOT Organic, But Healthful
with no or few additives or sugar or perhaps non-GMO

Artichoke Hearts, Cynara (only water, citric acid added)
Cheese (Tillamook Cheese)
Chicken Breast for sandwiches and salads (Kirkland)
Coconut Water (11 oz &33 oz sizes)
Crackers (Milton’s Multi-grain & Crunchmaster Crackers are trans fat & interesterified fat free )
Fruit Leather (Stretch Island Fruit Co. no artificial ingredients)
Marinara Sauce (White Linen Collection-needs some added Italian seasonings)
Miracle Tart Chocolate Minis–Hail Merry (Gluten free dessert: mostly organic)
Mushrooms (canned)
Naked Juice Green Drink
Olives: both black, green & Tassos Pitted Kalamata
Salad Dressing (Bolthouse yogurt ranch dressing)
Sea Salt
Sour Cream (Daisy)
Tuna (Wild Albacore Tuna)

Wild Alaskan Salmon Dog Treats (No Grains, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.) Because these are from China. I would avoid purchasing them.

Eco Greenware
Compostable discarded Sugar Cane based plates and bowls as well as compostable flatware made of corn plastic

*These are the brands which I have purchased from Costco, but they can change. If you purchase an organic food item from Costco and it’s not on my list, leave a comment. I’ll add it to the list. Thanks


14 thoughts on “My Unofficial Costco Organic Foods List

  1. Jennifer Sexton says:

    Hi Joann!
    I found a large (78 fl oz-2 qt, 14 fl oz) jar of Nutiva Ogranic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil this weekend at my San Marcos, CA Costco. It cost me $21.45. This is the same Coconut Oil I have purchased before from my organic food co-op.

    The label says it is a product of the Philippines…should I be concerned? I has the USDA Organic label on it.


    There are a couple of food items you can NOT find grown in the USA. I have looked and looked, but I can’t find any water chestnuts. They are all from the Orient. Water chestnuts are grown in…water. I hope this is better than the produce they grow with “night fertilizer.”

    Coconut oil is usually from the Philippians or Columbia. The organic coconut oil I purchase, Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, is from the Philippians. It’s available only online and is the best you can purchase.

    Hope this helps. Blessings, Nonna Joann

  2. sue villard says:

    lThe wild Alaskan salmon treats with cod and sweet potatoes are from China where there are no standards for organic. Who knows what is in them but there is more than listed!

  3. H says:

    Checked the Cumberland Mall frozen organic broccoli last week….it’s still from China. What a shame. I certainly don’t buy it any longer.

  4. Sharon says:

    Thank you! This was a great reference as I am putting together a list of Organics from our local Costco here in San Diego which is very close to the LE CASE urban ecovillage. I don’t know if your local Costco carries these items but I have a few organics that I saw that you might want to add to your list: Sambazon Organic Acai Juice (2 Packs), Bolthouse Organic Carrot Juice (3 Pack), Dehydrated Organic Shitake Mushrooms – 6oz, Evolution Organic Apple Juice, Organic Lemon Juice, Monterey Pasta Co – Fresh Organic Spin/Cheese Ravioli (2 Packs) and Organic Tomato Paste. They have also added Eco Greenwares – Compostable discarded Sugar Cane based plates and bowls as well as compostable flatware made of corn plastic.

    Thanks. I’ll check these out the next time I’m in Costco. I know that items will vary according to the location of the store. It’s likely that a California store will carry different items.
    Nonna Joann

  5. Genine September 10, 2011 says:

    Our local Costco carries frozen organic broccoli , “product of china” that sometimes suspiciously looks like it contains green food coloring. I stopped buying it immediately. Read labels carefully before you trust anything anyone says or “recommends”, especially when you are trying to feed your family the best things you can. We have plenty of organic broccoli farmers right here in the USA.

    Thanks for the reminder. I have to remember to check the “country of origin” on Costco’s organic vegetables more often, because it changes. The broccoli in my freezer says Ecuador and the green beans are grown in the USA.

  6. Roger says:

    Kirkland Organic Strawberry Spread is a great product: fresh tasting, low in sugar, organic, made in California, and reasonably priced. I went to my local Costco today and was astonished to learn that it has been discontinued. The manager told me to email Costco, which I did, and I would urge others who like this wonderful product to do the same.

  7. Alisha says:

    Nick is right about the peels not taking away the pesticides. Most pesticides get into the roots of the plant once they sink into the soil ,and will get into the inside of the fruit/vegetable. Taking the peel off doesn’t really do anything at all.

  8. Maggie Macaulay says:

    Regarding Country of Origin, there is no organic over sight or regulations in China from what I understand. That was brought out earlier this year when frozen veggies at Whole Foods labelled “organic” were actually from China. Also, the Costco near me now has organic whole milk. It is “fortified” with fish oil, though. I bought it without realizing it. Couldn’t taste it but the idea kind of gives me the creeps. I am supportive of fish oil just not in my milk!

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  10. Becca says:

    I know ketchup isn’t the most healthy food because of the processing, but Costco has Heinz Organic Ketchup most of the time. I’ve been buying it for over a year now.

  11. Lissa Raines says:

    I purchased Cascadian Farms frozen mixed berries and Pacific Meadows frozen blueberries. Almost half the price that I would have paid at the grocery store.

  12. Mary says:

    Country of origin for these organic products are important as well. I would not buy organic products from China and would rather consume non-organic US prodcuts. Whose to know that these products from China are inspected on a regular basis to meet standards?

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  14. nick says:

    I’m not a big organic evangelical, but i really did feel a bit shock when i saw your statement that if something is peeled then the pesticides are gone. that is just completely untrue. i suppose it would help get rid of some of the most recent applications (shipping fumigants), but certainly nowhere near all. additionally, it doesn’t do anything for the workers or streams and wildlife at the farms. thanks for taking it into consideration.

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