Wholesome Treats…Isn’t an Oxymoron

Let’s admit it…we LOVE our snacks. That’s what makes eating healthy such a chore. We’re addicted to chips and cookies and ice cream. Snacking on junk food is the number one reason people won’t give whole foods a chance.

What would you say if I told you, “You can eat healthy and still have your snacks”?

Yes, it’s true. It takes a little planning, a little testing and a little cooking. I love a tasty treat, but I like to know there’s something nourishing in it. Just about every junk food can be made at home with natural ingredients.

When you make your snacks from scratch you’ll get the taste treat you’re looking for and the quality of whole foods. The trick is to find yummy recipes which don’t take a lot of time. After all, we’re busy.

These Rice Crispy Squares are easy enough for Nicole to make…on her own! Click Here for the recipe.

There’s a lot of cookbooks available with recipes for snacks and desserts. Laura Trice does a nice job of explaining how to get that taste treat without the chemicals found in most junk foods in her cookbook Wholesome Junk Food. She offers recipes for many snacks including freezer pops, cereals and granolas, homemade juices, smoothies and shakes, yummy muffins, cakes, pies and cookies.

Three Steps to Healthy Snacking
1. Everyone has a favorite treat. What’s yours? Have you tried to make yourself? The first step is to find recipes that you love. The only way you’ll accomplish this is to test different recipes. If you don’t succeed with the taste test, try tweaking it or find another recipe for the same snack.

2. After the taste test, the next step is time. How long does it take to prepare it? Naturally, the second time you make a recipe, it will take less time. Some recipes you’ll eventually be able to throw together in your sleep.

3. The final step is the quality of ingredients you use. If you use inferior ingredients, you are no better off than eating the chemical-laden processed junk snacks purchased at the grocers. Most times you can improve a favorite recipe by exchanging inferior ingredients for healthful ones. Use whole-wheat flour, instead of bleached white. Use less sugar and use natural sugars. Never add artificial colors. Use the highest quality fats.

My daughter, Joy, tried a new recipe for Rice Crispy Squares. She highly recommended it, so I made it earlier this week with my grandchildren. It’s a simple recipe, requiring only mixing. Click Here for the recipe. The kids loved that they could make it “by themselves.” More importantly, they loved eating it.

I have posted several of my favorite desserts in the recipe section of this site. I never use High Fructose Corn Syrup or white sugars. You’ll find there are other natural alternatives for sweet desserts. Click Here for more Sweet Treat recipes.

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