An Apple A Day

An apple a day, will keep the doctor away, because it contains:

  • 5 grams of fiber
  • Pectin, which prevents cholesterol from building in the lining of blood vessel walls
  • Quercetin, a powerful antioxidant protecting brain cells from degeneration
  • Quercetin also protects your lungs
  • Anti-oxidants, protecting your body from illness
  • Boron and phloridzin, both help to increase bone density
  • Phytonutrients help to regulate blood sugar

Why Purchase Organic Apples?
Apples are on the “Dirty Dozen” list for produce containing the highest levels of pesticides. When deciding which veggies and fruit to purchase “organic”, put organic apples on the top of your list. By definition, organic produce is grown without pesticides. Pesticides can easily penetrate the thin skin of an apple. Some fruit, like oranges and bananas have thick skins, so some of the pesticides are left on the peel and thrown away. Quercetin is found primarily in the skin of apples. Therefore, it’s extremely important to purchase organic apples, which have not been sprayed with pesticides.

Always rinse organic or conventional apples. I prefer to spray them with a vinegar solution before scrubbing them under running water. Even organic apples may contain shellac and carnauba wax. Washing apples will help to remove, at least some of the shellac and wax.

Most Popular Fruit in America?
Bananas and apples will have to fight it out for the title “Most Popular Fruit in America.” Both are staples in most homes. The apples win in the storage department, as bananas don’t last much longer than a few days when ripe. Apples also win in self-defense…”An apple a day will keep anyone away, if thrown hard enough!”

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