Eating Healthy Can Fit Into Your Schedule

3 Ways To Make Healthy Eating Easy

1. Health Begins at the Grocers
“Time” is usually the excuse for not eating healthy foods. It doesn’t take any more time to purchase whole foods instead of junk foods. What’s in your kitchen is what your family will eat.

Instead of packaged cookies, crackers and chips, purchase whole grain snacks, fruit, nuts and cheese. Your kids will eat them, if that’s what they find. Personally, I love to munch on nuts. I like to purchase organic nuts and keep them refrigerated. Nuts can taste bitter and go will go rancid if left on the pantry shelf too long.

Dried fruit is another healthy snack: Raisins, dried apple and banana slices and dates. To save money, I purchased a food dehydrator and make my own dehydrated fruit snacks. It’s easy and what a savings, especially when you purchase the fruit on sale!

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2. Bulk Cooking
Stopping for fast food has become a regular national food experience. Our schedules are busy and we don’t think we have time to cook. But we do!

Prepare the basics for meals in bulk. Brown rice is twice as nutritious as white rice, although it takes twice as long to cook. In order to save time preparing dinner, cook enough rice for a week. Refrigerate and then portion out the amount you need for a recipe. That way you have turned something which takes almost an hour to cook into a fast meal. (Click Here for my Spinach & Tomato Medley recipe.)

Bulk cooking also includes making twice as much for one meal and freezing the leftovers for anther night. Soups, spaghetti sauce and casseroles are prefect for freezing and then reheating.

Another time-saver is to boil eggs once a week for protein inclusions in salads and even a breakfast on the run.

3. Find Healthy Alternatives
We all have a sweet tooth. There is nothing wrong with enjoying an occasional sweet treat. The problem in most homes is the amount of sugar we consume. In America, each person consumes 150 approximately pounds annually. In the 1700s, the amount of sugar consumed annually was only 7.5 pounds per person! Sugar usually comes hidden in sweetened drinks, processed foods and most baked goods, which can also contain trans fats.

Another issue for most families is “organic” desserts are expensive. The best course to take with desserts is eat them seldom. When you make them yourself, then it’s easier to eat sweets less often.

The challenge for me is to find desserts which are sugar-free and when I do make something with sugar it always has less sugar. You’ll want to check out my sweets category to the right of this page. (You can Click Here for a direct link.)

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