Super Bowl Guilt-Free Snacking

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Hosting a Super Bowl Party?
What will you serve?

According to a recent SUPERVALU® Snack Down Survey, the list of popular Super Bowl snacks include dips and spreads, chicken wings and pizza. Chips and salty snacks such as peanuts, popcorn or pretzels are present at most gatherings. Of course there’s the ever-popular burgers, hot dogs and brats.

“It’s clear from the survey that fans are betting on finding convenient and affordable foods to serve at their playoff and Super Bowl parties,” said Julie Dexter Berg, SUPERVALU’s chief marketing officer. “We recognize that shoppers will be looking for some simple ideas to round out their game-day party menus.”

February 7, the 50th Super Bowl will be played at the Levi’s’ Stadium in California. If you’re not at the game, then you will most likely be attending or giving a Super Bowl Party. This season, the amount fans plan to spend on foods and snacks is down compared to last year. Half of those hosting a party plan to spend $50 or less, versus $100 or less spent in 2010.

Local supermarkets continued to be the most common place fans plan to shop for Super Bowl party food and snacks (80 percent), followed by discount stores, mass merchants or warehouse clubs (42 percent); restaurants, caterers, gourmet food stores or delicatessens (9 percent); and convenience stores (5 percent). Click here to read detailed snacking traditions by market.

The majority of the survey respondents said they “never feel guilty” about what they eat while watching the games and the majority will choose snacks they don’t consider healthy. While I can’t help people who don’t care what they’re eating, there’s healthy yummy alternatives for those who do.

A Super Bowl Party or any fun gathering doesn’t necessarily need to be a junk food fest. You can still enjoy traditional fun foods without giving up nutrition. Try the following tasty foods which are sure to please even a picky eater.

Veggie Surprise
Tired of the traditional veggie tray with dip? Although this is a standard for healthy snacking, it can become boring. Try a variety of vegetables other than the traditional carrot and celery sticks. You’ll want to include edamame, cauliflower, cucumbers, bell peppers, radish, zucchini and pea pods. Make fruit kabobs, for a fancy twist on the popular fruit tray.

Nutty Favorites
Peanuts are a perennial munchy favorite; go for something a little different. Include sunflower seeds, cashews, pecans, and walnuts in your nutty snacks. Instead of pretzels, purchase Cajun Sesame Sticks from your whole foods store. Popcorn is an old standard and when you use organic popping corn and real butter, it’s a natural for a Super Bowl party.

Foods that Warm
(Click on the green highlighted words for recipes.)
Potato Bar

For something special, offer a baked potato bar. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Prick potatoes all over with a fork and rub them with olive oil or coconut oil. Place potatoes on a rimmed baking sheet; bake until easily pierced with the tip of a paring knife, 50 to 60 minutes. Cut a deep cross in each potato; push ends together to open. Season with salt and pepper.

Let everyone choose their own toppings. Be creative with the selection: chopped scallions, chives, tomatoes, broccoli, and black olives. Add options of grated cheese, salsa, sauteed mushroom slices, butter, sour cream, avocado slices and chili.

Make chili in a slow or a pressure cooker. Add homemade muffins and you’re off to a Super Bowl success. Offer sour cream, scallions and grated cheese toppings for the chili.

Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings don’t have to be trans fat laden. Make Nonna’s Hot Chicken Wings yourself. Not only are these tastier, but actually good for you. Be sure to have lots of napkins. Can’t get away from the fact that Chicken Wings are messy!

Papa’s Pizza
With the cost of everything going up, even a pizza can be an expensive. The good news is that pizza is economical when you make it yourself! (I don’t add pepperoni or sausage, they’re loaded with nitrates.) When your child helps you make pizza, you are incorporating multi-sensory learning, a vital component of the Baby Bites steps.

7 Warm Winter Snacks
Warm up with these winter treats. Who says snacking has to be junky? Snacking is winter comfort when the food is warm and it can be good for you, too. Try the seven healthy warm treats: Hot Cocoa, Fruit Compote, Pumpkin Pudding, Cookies from the Oven, Mini Pizza, Brownies and Warm Applesauce.


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