Nonna’s Simple Election Solutions

Our Election Process Needs A New Operating System

When our election rules and systems were set up, we traveled by horse. News took days, if not weeks to reach the public. With the advent of trains, cars, planes, radio, TV and the Internet, news is available 24/7.

Today, we experience excruciating long nasty campaigns. The election process has become a costly nightmare. In addition, our media is biased, and is no longer willing to properly vet all candidates.

Revising our election process is as simple as A, B, C. I propose three simple, yet effective measures, which will cut costs; shorten and make the election process more civil. This is so brilliant, I think I’ll run for President in 2016!

As each presidential and vice presidential candidate is officially placed on a primary or general election ballot all records are made public: birth certificates (proof of citizenship), college records (including grants, loans and scholarships), licenses and documents (drivers, marriage, passports, divorce, bankruptcy, etc.), military records, and 7 years tax records (we are required to keep 7 years, so open all 7 years). This will eliminate speculation and each candidate can focus on the issues.

Term & Campaign Limits
1. A single 6-year term for any president. All the president’s time can be devoted to accomplishing his/her promises made during the campaign. No need to focus on running for a second term. At the end of the 6-year term, new candidates run for the office of president.

2. I would also change the eligibility age for the presidency to 45. That would guarantee more life/business experiences, before leading our country for 6 years.

3. The Primaries are to be scheduled in June. Campaigning is prohibited before March prior to the primaries.

Simplified Voting Procedures
1. All voting registrations are done at the Department of Motor Vehicles with a driver’s test/license or application for a picture ID by September 21 of the election year. Proof of citizenship is required.

2. Ballots are mailed to registered voters Oct. 7.

3. Completed ballots are deposited at government sites/offices in secure, locked boxes from Oct. 14 to October 30. (Fraud and/or a valid death certificate received by Oct. 30 will nullify a vote.)

4. November 1 ballots are counted and election results are made public.

NONNA JOANN for President in 2016!

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