Soup the Answer to Higher Food Prices

This past summer scorching heat and the worst drought in nearly a half-century is sending food prices up, way up.

This year is the hottest year ever recorded in the United States, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, whose records date to 1895.

The drought and heat especially impacted the production of corn, soybeans and wheat. This is afflicting not only the price of processed foods, but poultry and beef. As these animals are fed corn, soybeans and wheat.

Low yields, translate to high prices. The government’s forecast, based on a consumer price index for food, estimated that prices would rise 4 to 6 percent in 2013. The World Bank and other food agencies are urging countries to prepare for the worst price shock in five years.

Increases in food costs will not only affect your grocery bill, but the cost of eating out will go up as well. Families need to look for ways to keep their grocery bill as stable as possible. Eating healthy foods is more important than ever. As the cost of food climbs, we need to look for creative ways to feed our families.

Basics of Homemade Soup

1. Homemade soup is a practical way to stretch your grocery dollars. If you know how to start a homemade soup with onions and garlic, this is the basis of many easy, inexpensive meals. Add beans or chicken or brown rice to provide extra protein to a vegetable soup and you’ve got a meal that’s nutritious and a bargain.

2. A blender can be your best friend, especially if you have a picky eater. Blended soup is a tasty way to get kids who resist veggies to eat them.

3. Homemade soups require just one pot. Clean up is a snap. Double your productivity and make double batches. Freeze for a quick meal for another night.

To top off a nutritious soup meal, add a crusty bread or whole grain crackers.

You’ll save even more, when you roast a chicken for dinner, then use the carcass for “Almost Free Soup.” Click Here for the recipe.

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