Want Kids to Eat More Veggies?

Don’t Count on Help from Professionals

phoebe-june-han.jpgI like to read the new studies about health, especially when they focus on children. Several new studies on children’s eating habits were presented at the recent Obesity Society meeting. What surprises me most is that they really don’t offer any new insight or suggestions.

What Exactly Did the Researchers Find?

Children from 4 to 9 are supposed to eat 1½ cups of fruit and 2 cups of veggies a day. We know most kids don’t even come close to eating the recommended amount of produce. These studies confirmed this, especially for obese children, who eat an average of 6 snack foods a day.

They found children ate more steamed broccoli with butter, raw carrot sticks, tomato soup, diced peaches and applesauce when they were offered more. Their conclusion: offer kids more of what they already eat. No rocket science here.

Kids who didn’t like broccoli or peaches still didn’t eat any, even after they were offered more. Duh. It took a study to confirm that kids won’t eat foods they have predetermined to be yucky!

Phoebe is laughing at the recommendation… kids should eat more of what they already like.

The big take-away is to increase the amount of fruit and veggies in your child’s diet is to offer more fruit and veggies that your child already eats. No help for the parent whose child refuses to eat any vegetable. Believe me, there are lots of kids who don’t eat any veggies. One wonders why any of this is newsworthy.

What’s a parent to do, when the professionals don’t offer any practical advice?

Nonna to the Rescue

This is exactly why Baby BitesTM: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater was written. If you want to increase the amount of produce your children eat, not only do you need to offer it more often, but you should also include multi-sensory learning. Taste is not the first sense which should be employed when introducing new foods to your children. In fact, it’s the last. Baby BitesTM is all about improving shopping habits and changing table dynamics. Children will eat more veggies, when they are offered more AND they are taught how to appreciate them.

Now, my new storybook, The Forest Feast, reinforces the concepts outlined in the parenting book for children. When you read The Forest Feast to your kids, they will hear “Green food is yummy!” from Try Rannosaurs®. They will see Betty Baby BitesTM preparing a scrumptious spinach and strawberry salad. The recipe for the salad Betty makes is included in the book, so your children can help make it. All of the characters in The Forest Feast love whole foods, encouraging your child to do the same.

Forest Feast Cover 240You’ll save shipping and handling when you order The Forest Feast. When The Forest Feast and Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater are purchased together you’ll save even more! Click Here for ordering information.

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