The World According to Josh

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the gravity of life. This summer America has seen two shooting tragedies, multiple devastating fires and we are in the nastiest election season ever. This week, I’m posting two guest blogs that will make you laugh! My eldest daughter, Julie-ann, occasionally posts “Joshisms” on her Facebook page. Josh is now ten-years-old and his logic is sometimes remarkably creative. I’ve been after Julie-ann to compile Josh’s hilarious remarks about life. Following is the world according to Josh. Blessings Nonna Joann


July 20, 2010
Joshism for today: He just asked if he was Caucasian or African American. We told him he is both. While holding his arm up for all to see he says, “Black and white make brown, right mom?” Then his sister Angel tells him that she prefers to call herself mocha. To which Josh replies, “Well, then I prefer to call myself peanut butter!”

March 23, 2011
Today’s Joshism: Let me start out by saying I actually do give my kids chips from time to time. But for whatever reason the night before Josh had to write this paper I told him he could only have one chip because it was almost dinner time. Apparently, he got hung up on that and the following story and picture is what he came up with. Notice the big grin he made on my face with my hand in the bag of chips and notice he only has one measly chip.

The Chips I Barely Get by Joshua
Chips are my favorite food. I once had them when I went on a cruise to go to Mexico. They were good but my mom only let me grab a handful of them. At home I barely get any! We have ten big bags of them but I get one!

July 19, 2012
Today’s Joshism: While waiting for swim lessons to start Josh, Angel, and I were witness to some very disobedient children. The poor mother was quite frazzled. Seeing this Josh asked Angel how she will discipline her children when she is a mom? She answered, “I will ask Mom’s advice when the time comes because she is smart.” To which Josh replied, “I think I will just fart on my children.” (Forgive me for posting…I just couldn’t resist this one.)

July 28, 2012
Today’s Joshism: “Mom, I think my hobby is Tae Kwon Do, and Dad’s hobby is the Air Force, Angel’s is watching movies, Zak’s is football…and Mom YOUR hobby is cleaning.”

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