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I’m a BIG nutrition label reader. I regularly check for sugar content, trans fat and artificial ingredients first. I usually don’t bother with calories, because I don’t purchase junk food and if the sugar content is low and there isn’t any trans fat, then the calories usually aren’t a concern.

I admit, sometimes I forget to check country of origin on the label. First, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that food in our stores may come from other countries, especially Asia. Maybe our neighbors, Mexico and Canada, but China or Japan?

I regularly shop at Costco. I love their organics, that is the organics grown in the U.S. Unfortunately they stock many food products from China. I avoid them. Click Here for My Unofficial Costco Organic Foods List.

Sometimes, it can be a challenge to find where they placed the country of origin on a product. Even if you get in the habit of checking canned goods, frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables may be from China…even “USDA Organic”! Sounds ridiculous, even as I write this, but it’s true. You can read about it: Click Here.

Food From Asia Fresh?
I don’t know how “fresh” food transported thousands of miles ends up cheaper, but it can. Fish is one of the most toxic foods you regularly purchase from China. (Click Here to learn more.) You get what you pay for. This is disgusting, but China typically uses night soil for fertilizer — this is human excrement. One more reason to buy food grown here.

We want to believe that our government protects our food supply. But the Chinese export inferior and sometimes even toxic products to America, all with our government’s approval.

Vote With Your Dollar
When you stop purchasing food and other products from China, you not only will improve the quality of food you are eating, but will help to create new American jobs! Yes, you can have an impact on jobs in the U.S.

Last December, Diane Sawyer said if we spend just $64 more on items made in the USA during a year, this would create 200,000 American jobs!

There is a concerted effort to buy items only from the U.S. during the month of August. This is designed to impact U.S. trading losses with China. What a great time to purchase food only from the U.S.! It takes three weeks to establish a new habit, after that it will become a part of your normal routine. Beginning in August, no longer purchase food from China.  Check all food labels and other products for “Made in China”, “PRC” and “Product of China” and “From China”.

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