Fish From China

Judy, a friend of mine, sent me an email about the food we purchase. It was a reminder that we need to check labels for the country of origin. She related that it was at the checkout register when she noticed the frozen fish she was purchasing was from China. It made her mad that she forgot to check the country of origin.

I’ve been in a hurry myself and forgot to check the country of origin on an item I’m purchasing, as well. We tend to think most food is from the US. Not true anymore.

Fishy Fish
Never buy any type of fish or shellfish that comes from Vietnam, China, or the Philippines. When purchasing frozen fish they are most likely from China or labeled Indonesia.

The package may state “Pacific Salmon” on the front, but look for the small print. Pacific Salmon is preferred, as Atlantic salmon is usually from a fish farm. If the small print states it’s from Indonesia, then it’s most likely from fish farms in the orient. There are NO regulations on what the fish are fed. They are worse than the fish farms in the US and I wouldn’t eat that either.

Fish from China
Avoid at all cost fish from China. China is the largest fish farmer. Their waters are filled with toxic materials. If you search the Internet you’ll be alarmed at what the Chinese feed their fish: antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, fertilizers, dyes (that have been linked to retinal problems in humans), and ironically, fish meal and fish oil extracted from wild forage fish, and finally, animal and human waste.

POOP in Most Imported Fish
The use of chicken feces as feed is common ingredient in livestock-fish farming in Asia. Pig and duck waste is shipped directly to fish farms. Chickens are set in wire cages directly above the fish so their refuse will fall directly into the water.

You Get What You Pay For… When You Eat Out
Red Lobster’s “endless shrimp” and other restaurants offering “all you can eat” shrimp is usually from Indonesia. These are shrimp, which have been farmed in China and relabeled in Singapore. Red Lobster buys 5 percent of the world’s shrimp and is Bangladesh’s biggest customer.

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