My Organic Garden

It’s been a month since the major hailstorm that wrecked my organic garden and demolished my roof. Our roof and gutters have been replaced. We’re still working on the deck and house exterior.

I managed to cover most of my garden before the hail hit. I grabbed trashcans from the garage and covered 5 of my 6 tomato plants. They were unharmed. I thought the sixth plant was lost, but a portion of it survived. I threw a tarp over the center of my garden. I saved the center rows with beets, snow peas, peppers and carrots just coming up.

After some tender-loving care, water, sun and organic fertilizer much of the garden came back. The shredded baby lettuce and spinach grew once again. The onions rebounded. Three of my cucumber plants made it through the storm.

I started my veggie garden from seed, so I was saddened when I lost all my baby zucchini, cauliflower and broccoli plants.

The grape tomatoes are beginning to turn red.

After several runs to our local nursery, I re-planted the rows, which were lost. I found some cauliflower plants and even edamame. Edamame are immature soybeans. Almost all soybeans in the US are GMOs. I love edamame, but stopped purchasing it because the only organic edamame (which would not be a GMO) I could find is from China. You can’t trust that anything from China is really organic. Read more about USDA Organics…from China? Click Here.

The lettuce and spinach, which were shredded, grew back! At first, I thought I lost all my radishes, because the leaves were stripped, but they came back as well. I even thought the onion and garlic row was gone, but it has also rebounded.

My new zucchini plants are blooming and the edamame have tiny little pods. The three surviving cucumber plants are getting ready to put out flowers as well.

I’m thrilled to report after a month, my veggie garden has rebounded more than I would have ever imagined! The tomatoes are just about to turn red. The snow peas have already yielded bowls of produce. We have eaten lettuce from the garden for weeks. My garden looks beautiful and we’re actually beginning to enjoy its bounty. God is good all the time!


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